Color bitterness

Colors make me so bitter.  I’ve been told on many occasions that a color I thought was green was actually seafoam.  And a color I thought was pink was salmon.  Bullcrap!  Why do colors insist on being individuals.  They should all be lumped into like 8 or 10 colors we have come to be bitter about? Now I’ve gotta try figure out what tope and mauve are.  It just makes me bitter that I have to figure out what these things are.  And why do colors have to try to brighten the world?  I mean for bitterness sakes!  How can I focus on the anger of the day when colors are trying so hard.  They just need to learn to blend into the brown/greyish hue.  Once in a while the sky tries to change into the bluish color and people get all unbitter.  What is that all about?  And what is the whole color/symbol thing.  For instance, what is green?  First we are meant to think it is for going on a stoplight, then we are told that it is for St. Patrick’s day which we have to wear or someone can pinch us?  Why can’t I just tell everyone that St. Patrick’s days color should be red because Patrick died in a war or something?  And why does black have to be a slimming color?  Why can’t orange be a slimming color? Aarrgh, colors make me so bitter! 

Bitter Ben




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