Coffee bitterness

They say coffee has a bitter taste.  Just take a look at this lady and tell me it isn’t.  I’ve never tasted it, and I don’t need to.  For some reason people in this area think I need to and that makes me bitter.  Why wake up to coffee when you have a nice hot cup of bitterness and rage to wake you up!  Put your bitterness to good use!   Coffee is goood, eh yuck!


3 thoughts on “Coffee bitterness

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  2. Have you ever awaken to too much happiness. I mean, really, who is that jolly in the morning. Happy people in the morning really make me bitter. I want to start a breakfast food and call it The Bitter Breakfast biscuit. I’ll sell them a dozen at at time. It will be for those who just need to tone down their smiling, grinning, jovial, bright eyed demeanor. When you fell too much happines coming on, just take a bite of my bitter biscuits and feel the depression immediately set in.

    Of course, I’ll have to have a warning label: No more than 2 biscuits allowed in a 24 hour period unless you overdose on bitterness. Betty Crocker better watchout, there’s a new better, but bitter batter of breakfast biscuits coming to a store near you.

    Signed, uncurably bitter

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