Power outage bitterness

Power outages make me so bitter.  Why must they rob me of my electricity?  I need electricity, I crave electricity.  If I don’t have electricity my video games don’t work, the television doesn’t work and my lights don’t work.  Even my refrigerator doesn’t work.  How am I supposed to be lazy and not move from the couch and avoid talking to people and reading and all that stuff if I have no electricity.  I am bitter about power outages because it forces me to talk to people and return to a simpler time like pioneers who sat around a fire place and talked about their feelings.  As far as I am concerned there is only one feeling that is worth talking about and that is bitterness.  And when I talk about bitterness, I don’t want people to be “understanding” or “helpful” when listening to me.  I want bitterness to build up inside them and cause them to talk about their bitterness, but not to me.  To someone else.  Leave me to my bitterness.  Also, stop making me set clocks over and over again, power outage.  I don’t make you set your clocks, stop making me set mine.  Especially when Daylight savings time made me set them two days ago! AAAARRRGGGHHH!  

On the other hand, I am bitter at electricity, because it can shock me.  ARRGGGHHH!   

Bitter Ben

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