We are supposed to be uncomfortable

Who loves motivational speakers/speaking? Well not me of course. I just love how much time we as a society spend on motivational speaking. I've probably heard a thousand speeches between work, and movies and YouTube videos and the same thing happens every time.  A speaker gets up, tells you how miserable your life is because … Continue reading We are supposed to be uncomfortable


Super Bowl of Chili

Today is the big game! Get your chili, your cheesy fries, and your couch ready because football's ultimate game is today. We could talk about the millions of pounds of food consumed. We could talk about all the millions of dollars spent on gambling and prop bets (those weird ones like what color will Justin … Continue reading Super Bowl of Chili

Some Coal Appeared and Saw Its Shadow Bitter Friday Giftures

  Sometimes I get a little confused. I know that today is Groundhog's Day, but does he appear and make a shadow if the winter is going to be six weeks longer or if you are naughty you get coal. Also, which is the one with fireworks? Is it Halloween or St. Patrick's Day? And … Continue reading Some Coal Appeared and Saw Its Shadow Bitter Friday Giftures

Pizza Better for you than cereal

The radio. Often you are forced to listen to it in your car because you can't really do anything else. You're not allowed to text, or play video games, and reading books seems to be out of the question. It's kind of uncool that we aren't even allowed to sleep while we are driving. It … Continue reading Pizza Better for you than cereal

Standing Desk Only

Let's play a little Jeopardy, which I never do, because you have to think. TV is not meant to make you think. It should entertain you, distract you, give you some background when you are playing games on your phone, but it should never make you think. That's why Jeopardy is for old people that … Continue reading Standing Desk Only

Hungry Like a Wolfgang Friday Giftures

  I'm always hungry, especially when I'm not hungry. I love eating well past when I am completely full. I always get so mad when I have to go to sleep because that means I have to go like 5 hours without eating. Who has time for sleep when you are trying to eat all … Continue reading Hungry Like a Wolfgang Friday Giftures

Delicious Moments

Hopefully, you all watch The Office, because that is the language I speak in. Everything in life relates to couches, pizza, and The Office. Since I assume you all watch it and know every episode by heart, I'm just going to go straight into it. Remember the episode of the Office when Andy finally takes … Continue reading Delicious Moments

St. Rude, The Patron Saint of Bitterness

We are all made up of a lot of different little parts of personality; well most of you are. I have been blessed with this bitter personality since I came out of my mother. Actually, probably before that. I was complaining about the tight quarters, the lack of pizza being fed through the veins and … Continue reading St. Rude, The Patron Saint of Bitterness

10,000 Bitter Followers

They say that you need to do something for 10,000 hours in order to be an expert at something. So if I have eaten a 100 grand candy bar 10,000 times does that make me an ultra expert at eating candy bars with chocolate or does that just make me a heart attack victim. Just … Continue reading 10,000 Bitter Followers

Barely Therely Bitter Friday Giftures

  I guess a few of you attempted to help out last week with the giftures and for that you will all be handsomely punished! Come on people, you gotta do bitter than that! I expect a lot more heavy lifting from you all around here and you miserably and bitterly failed. How can all … Continue reading Barely Therely Bitter Friday Giftures

Taylor Made Bitter Friday Giftures

  Alright, my laziness has reached an all time low. Or high? I can't decide which one is right. Anyways, as I said last week, it seems like I do all the work around here, with the writing and with the graphic design, ur, stealing gifs from other places, and then you guys also make … Continue reading Taylor Made Bitter Friday Giftures

Directionally Challenged

I used to be a huge fan of Home Improvement. Not my own home, not even close. Like I've ever lifted a finger to improve anything. Nope, just a fan of Tim the Tool man who revolutionized the whole "really good at fixing things" but accident prone enough to make it funny. I loved all … Continue reading Directionally Challenged

Thief of Joy

I take a lot away from people around me. That includes all those people that read this blog, who are few. I would like to say that I'm kind of the Midas of Bitterness. Everything I touch turns to bitterness. So, of course, that happens to everyone I meet or talk to. In the same … Continue reading Thief of Joy

I have discipline – I can not Binge watch Netflix

Some people think they have discipline because they can make run 26.something miles and not die. Some people have discipline because they can make it through a whole work week and not complain about it. Others think they have willpower because they can not eat meat, or gluten. I guess I don't have willpower then. … Continue reading I have discipline – I can not Binge watch Netflix

Sherman Tank Bitter Friday Giftures

  We have been working on getting into a house for a little while, because you know, it's nice to live in a place where you get to control the heat and the TV and can send the kids into the backyard or their room so they can leave you alone. Anyways, we decided to … Continue reading Sherman Tank Bitter Friday Giftures