Lottery Dream Home

  I've always been about taking the easy way out. If I was on a call with someone, and things got out of control, I didn't stick with the person and try to figure it out, I either just hung up on them or told them I would call them back and then didn't. If … Continue reading Lottery Dream Home


Instant Regret Bitter Friday Giftures

  You know those days when you wake up and you instantly regret waking up? I'm sure I have a lot of dreams that I just don't remember, but I'm almost always sure that the dream is better than the reality. So I wake up, tired, sore, groggy and needing more rest and I instantly … Continue reading Instant Regret Bitter Friday Giftures

Exercise Bitterness

Yesterday I talked about sports and how I used to enjoy them. Today I'm going to talk about how they ruined my life. To get some context, my son is a burgeoning athlete. He is so much bigger than other kids his age, that sometimes it doesn't even seem fair. In fact, in football, I … Continue reading Exercise Bitterness

Electronic Graveyard Bitter Friday Giftures

  When it comes to things I like, most of it has to do with electronics. Most things that are electronic are expensive. Therefore, I don't normally go to a mall like my wife and just buy a few things and marvel at how inexpensive they are. I have to go to places like Best … Continue reading Electronic Graveyard Bitter Friday Giftures

My Bitter Love Language

  As the self-proclaimed foremost expert on bitterness, I have done my best to study the bitterness emotion in all its varieties. It is not a complex emotion, but a very underrated and underused one. People always love the rage, and the happy, and the sad, but rarely do they ever think about the bitter. … Continue reading My Bitter Love Language

Bitter Christmas Gremlins

I have a pretty outstanding sense of direction. I can almost always tell where I am and where I need to go. It was always something built inside me and something I have tried really hard not to develop at all. Whenever I have been somewhere once, I can almost always find it again without … Continue reading Bitter Christmas Gremlins

Don’t Call it a Comeback!

I've been here for years. One of my favorite rap songs of all time is Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J. I like it for a lot of reasons, the beat, the sports metaphor ness of it, but most of all for the first line in the song. "Don't call it a … Continue reading Don’t Call it a Comeback!

Big Flop Friday Giftures

  Summer is the time when you should get home flip off your shoes and socks and immediately walk around in your bare feet, or at the maximum, wear your flip flops. Some years have been flips, others have been flops. This year on the blog has been a big flop. Actually, I've been pretty … Continue reading Big Flop Friday Giftures

Construction Bitterness

I like to create stuff. Let me rephrase that. I like to create stuff like writing, videos and editing, not stuff with my hands. I promise you that anything I ever made in shop, or in a kitchen is not going to be pretty. Any repairs I've ever made in my house is helping my … Continue reading Construction Bitterness

What do you deserve Ownership Stake in?

My favorite basketball player, David Robinson had a Hall of Fame career with the San Antonio Spurs. He made a ton of money in his career, but when he retired he was only 38 years old. Obviously, when you are 38 you still have a lot of life left to live. He did some amazing … Continue reading What do you deserve Ownership Stake in?

The Power of Photos

My daughter recently went on a 3 day trip with a young women's group to Southern Utah to go white water rafting. They weren't allowed to bring their cell phones. Asking my daughter to do that is well, like asking me to do that. Even though I'm not a millennial, I still have trouble letting … Continue reading The Power of Photos

Secret Stone on Our House

When I got home on Friday, I was told we had bees. One of my least favorite things are bees, the ones that sting anyways. In the summertime of my 14th year, it was a warm day and we had our sliding door open. For some reason, I was  running in circles in our television … Continue reading Secret Stone on Our House

Second Day of Summer Bitter Friday Giftures

  The crack of a bat, the gentle breeze of the wind, the chirping of birds, the long, lazy night. Those are the things people associate with the first day of summer. Problem is, the first day of summer is only one day. The day after that goes downhill fast. The crack of the bat … Continue reading Second Day of Summer Bitter Friday Giftures

I might have a Concussion

One of my favorite episodes of the Office is when Micheal Scott calls the office to tell everyone that he burned his foot on a George Forman grill. The episode is the funny from beginning to end. Micheal asks Pam to come and get him and he acts like the world has ended because his … Continue reading I might have a Concussion


Meetings are the bane of existence. In yesterday's Dilbert comic on my calendar, they talked about a four hour meeting in which Dilbert, the pointy haired boss, and the intern all talked about the conclusion of the meeting was three different outcomes. The boss then suggests that they should have another four hour meeting to … Continue reading Hanxiety

International House of Bitterness

We just had Father's Day a few days ago and it got me thinking about my dad. His work ethic was pretty legendary. He left early and got home pretty late. He had a very challenging church calling as well, so he wasn't home a lot. Because of that, he didn't do much cooking. He … Continue reading International House of Bitterness