Wildfire Bitter Friday Giftures

  You know that expression spreading like wildfire? I guess it is talking about how last summer there were a lot of fires and they spread really fast, because people would light a fire and then seconds later a whole forest would burn down. I can't think of anything that has happened this year that … Continue reading Wildfire Bitter Friday Giftures

Second Day of Summer Bitter Friday Giftures

  The crack of a bat, the gentle breeze of the wind, the chirping of birds, the long, lazy night. Those are the things people associate with the first day of summer. Problem is, the first day of summer is only one day. The day after that goes downhill fast. The crack of the bat … Continue reading Second Day of Summer Bitter Friday Giftures

Bitter Family Reunions

  It's that time of the year now. All your fun vacations are over. You've spent time on your tropical island, did the amusement park, and toured the amazing architecture of some cathedral and it's back to work. You've used up all your vacation time, except for that one week you are hoping to use … Continue reading Bitter Family Reunions

Summer Bitter, Summer Worse Friday Giftures

  I'm what the Germans would call a Schadenfreudener or however they spell it.  I like to see other people bitter. It was the reason I started this blog and this life so many years ago. I have ambition in being inambitious. I want to spread the word while laying on the couch. I want … Continue reading Summer Bitter, Summer Worse Friday Giftures

What I did on my Summer Vacation (or Spring. Whatever)

Remember those days when you were a tiny little thing that took naps in Kindergarten instead of prepping for the SAT's? When life was simple and instead of writing an essay about Lincoln's presidency your teacher asked you to write what you did for you summer vacation? Well, I had a week off last week … Continue reading What I did on my Summer Vacation (or Spring. Whatever)

Bitter Rivalry of the Week: The Sun vs. The Rain

I remember a story my mom and dad read to me when I was young.  Essentially, there was this dude that walked around with a coat on and the sun and the wind had a bet.  The one that could get the coat off the person would win as the supreme ruler of the sky. … Continue reading Bitter Rivalry of the Week: The Sun vs. The Rain

Bitter Friday Drifting Giftures

As you know, I'm a big fan of the nap.  It provides me with a good way to get away from reality, because reality makes me bitter.  In reality, you have to be around people and answer questions, and do things.  All things I don't like doing.  I've found though, that you don't always have … Continue reading Bitter Friday Drifting Giftures

Bitter Guest Post – Jaclyn from Snarky Brunette – Summer Time Isn’t Happy, It’s Purely Bitter

Last up, but certainly not the least bitter before my inevitable return is Jaclyn from The Snarky Brunette.  She has been bitter from the beginning and is very straight forward on her bitter views.  She also does some really bitter YouTube videos and parodies.  You may have seen her on Long Awkward Pause as their … Continue reading Bitter Guest Post – Jaclyn from Snarky Brunette – Summer Time Isn’t Happy, It’s Purely Bitter

Bitter Review of the Summer

Contrary to popular belief the summer didn't end when the kids went back to school.  Nor did it end when the weather started being rainy, cloudy and coldy.  Or when all the over budgeted, under storied movies started leaving the multiplexes.  Summer's bitter reign of terror ended when the clock struck midnight and her slipper … Continue reading Bitter Review of the Summer

Summer Bitterness

My childhood played a bitterly cruel trick on me. Why? Because according to 1-13 year old Bitter Ben, I was supposed to get a mandatory 3 month summer vacation and I was forced to have fun.  Summers were a bitter time where I was supposed to do run around without purpose, play bitterly cruel pranks on … Continue reading Summer Bitterness

Movie Trailer Bitterness

It is that time of year.  You know what I'm talking about.  Summer.  Okay, not calendarly for another 3 weeks.  And not weather wise because it is still gray and cloudy.  Not in school terms either, because our kids aren't out yet.  And not summer barbeque wise yet, because we haven't had any summer bar-b-que's at work … Continue reading Movie Trailer Bitterness