Bitter Guest Post – Jaclyn from Snarky Brunette – Summer Time Isn’t Happy, It’s Purely Bitter

Not overly impressed with you.

Jaclyn is not overly impressed with you.

Last up, but certainly not the least bitter before my inevitable return is Jaclyn from The Snarky Brunette.  She has been bitter from the beginning and is very straight forward on her bitter views.  She also does some really bitter YouTube videos and parodies.  You may have seen her on Long Awkward Pause as their YouTube expert.  Make sure you check out her blog and her YouTube Channel.  And Bitter Entertainment Network bitterly presents….Summer Time Isn’t Happy, It’s Purely Bitter…by Jaclyn Ashley




Summer Time Isnt Happy Its Purely Bitter


Dear World,

I know most of you are excited for summer time, because you get to go swimming, go on vacation, and if you’re lucky enough stick your toes in some sand, but while all of you are focusing on the amazing things summer brings, I can only dream of the negatives, and that is why I give you, ten things to be bitter about this summer.

  1. Ugly Feet. Yes, I typed it, ugly feet. In general, feet are pretty atrocious, and during the summer is when 98% of the population decides to wear flip flops, and it gives all those ugly feet a chance to see the light, and scare the rest of us into darkness.


  1. Summer time means extra warm weather, and if you reside in a humid part of the world you get to experience lots and lots of sweat. Humidity makes you feel like you haven’t showered in a week, even if you took one an hour ago.


  1. Diets. Everyone and their mom is suddenly starving themselves, because it is now swim suit season and they want to get rid of the weight they gained from all those Peppermint Mocha lattes from Starbucks.


  1. Mosquitoes. Summer time brings those blood thirsty beasts to town, and they’re starving, and searching for something to dine on, and guess what is their favorite thing to chow down on? Human flesh. Yes, say hello to all of those pink, itchy, bumps!


  1. Tourists. This mainly applies to those of you living in cities that people love to travel to. I live in Los Angeles, an overpopulated city, but right now there is even MORE people here!


  1. You get to spend more money on gas. Summer time means hotter weather, and that means cranking up the AC in your vehicle which leads to spend more cash on gas.


  1. You barely get a day off from work. Sure, there is the 4th of July, but that’s really about it until Thanksgiving. Summer does not have any kind of long break, or holidays.


  1. Schools Out! This means you get to listen to tons of bratty children run around the grocery store screaming because their idiotic parents are too busy talking on their cell phones!


  1. This is for the ladies. You have to shave your legs more often, because you’re wearing shorts, and because your hair grows faster when it gets warmer.


  1. There is nothing good on television. It’s like television takes a vacation, and they leave on a bunch of garbage for everyone to watch so we appreciate how good we had it during the winter and fall months.


Bitterly Summered Jaclyn


12 thoughts on “Bitter Guest Post – Jaclyn from Snarky Brunette – Summer Time Isn’t Happy, It’s Purely Bitter

  1. Agreed. And can we add summer foods to the list?
    Why are there no summer comfort foods? The best I ever get is some warm potato salad and an Jello mystery salad. And don’t get me started on S’mores. As if I want to cook the food MYSELF, now I have to eat molten hot marshmallow? No thanks. Just give the the chocolate bar and a bag of cold marshmallows. I’ll be anxiously waiting for mashed potatoes and sugar cookies.


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