Second Day of Summer Bitter Friday Giftures


The crack of a bat, the gentle breeze of the wind, the chirping of birds, the long, lazy night. Those are the things people associate with the first day of summer. Problem is, the first day of summer is only one day. The day after that goes downhill fast. The crack of the bat becomes a broken bat that you then have to replace. The breeze turns in loud roar. The chirping birds just become annoying. The long, lazy days become shorter EVERY SINGLE DAY until the inevitible first day of winter when the days rally once again to get a little bit longer. Do you realize that? Days immediately become shorter from this day forward. How depressing is that? Pretty dang if you ask me. Maybe not as depressing as me, my blog, or these giftures, but that’s it. We reached the apex last night and now we have to go back down the mountain with nothing left to look forward to. At least we have these giftures right here at least to help us drown our misery in.

We’ve been looking forward to this until…

…great, we’ll never get to see it.

No bunny…

…knows what is going on here.

I think we need to…

…paws here and figure out what happened here.

Looks like dogs understand…

…that first days of summer don’t last.

Eye guess this guy…

…is dog tired.

Guess she thought it was okay…

…not to pay for parking.

I think this lady…

…just struck it poor.

She is just really excited…

…to try her new Tide with bleach.

I wonder if I could do this…

…with my TV.

If only I could dodge like this…

…I wouldn’t have lost to the door yesterday.

This is how I feel every day…

…with my kids.

I think this guy must just might be…


Well, I hope you all enjoy the inevitable demise of light, and happiness that summer provides. The second day of summer that will suck the joy out of all things. Me on the other hand, I will be looking way more forward the second day of winter.


Bitter Summer Better than Others Ben


18 thoughts on “Second Day of Summer Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. It was in triple digits here in May. Try having the “Mom, is it summer?” conversation with a very literal 7 year old who doesn’t understand how high temperatures plus school being in session (not anymore) plus the summer solstice. It just pisses her off. And me.


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