The Bitter End…of the Year

Hey there, I'm Bitter Ben's Brain.  I snuck on the blog here because well, I get bored a lot.  As you might know, Bitter Ben doesn't use me a whole lot, and I realized that he hasn't done any year end posts.  I know he never will, so I took it upon myself to do it for him … Continue reading The Bitter End…of the Year

Bitter Picture Bonanza of the week

I used to think that turtles didn't have much use because they were slow. It wasn't until I got older that I realized that I wanted to be just like them.  They said we couldn't learn anything from turtles, and by "they" I mean "them".  You know, the guys that say things and girls that say stuff.   Turtles never … Continue reading Bitter Picture Bonanza of the week

Bitter News with Pictures

Sarcasm is my second language.  The only reason it is second is because Bitterness is my native tongue.  I hope to someday learn English fluently.  When I get really ambitious I might learn Spanish bitterness, then possibly Spanish sarcasm.  Don't ever expect me to learn Spanish though. There is finally a way to express my heartfelt … Continue reading Bitter News with Pictures

Bitter Contest Loser

Remember when I decided to do a Bitter contest where you could win something?  Last week or the week before or something?  Well I rang up the results of those who actually entered and I did some math and found through my horrible math skills that we are all losers of the contest.  Mostly … Continue reading Bitter Contest Loser