Riot Bitterness

We are going to have a riot today!  Happy 5th Buddy!

We are going to have a riot today! Happy 5th Buddy!

Yesterday was supposed to be a riot. But not the kind that actually happened. After working for 12 hours on Tuesday to close out the month of April, I was looking forward to being lazy yesterday.  At work, I was able to succeed at that, and it was also a day to celebrate my son’s 5 year anniversary of being legally adopted by us.  We were going to have a little celebration with him and visit a park, buy a cake and make it kind of a big deal.  Of course, he just wanted to eat hot dogs at his friends house, so we let him and went and got him a cake.  We had the cake, got the kids ready for bed and I sat down in my very comfortable lazy chair and prepared to zone out for the rest of the night by ignoring what was on the television, while reading and commenting on other people’s entertainingly not bitter blogs.

How am I supposed to ignore Agularia's bitter looks, when a riot interupts the Voice?

How am I supposed to ignore Agularia’s bitter looks, when a riot interupts the Voice?

The television just happened to be on NBC, which would have been The Voice.  When it is on, and nothing else is on I will watch it.  But instead we got Breaking News(is this a new program?).  Apparantly people in the Seattle area like to riot about things.  The news alerted us that last year there was a May Day riot and the police force is ready for the people that caused last year’s “May Day” riots.  So I figured that meant there wouldn’t be any.  Wrong.  Riots make me so bitter.

"I'm sorry to inform you that Starbucks is out of coffee.  Wait....stop...people please don't riot...there will be coffee tomorrow....gasp...."

“I’m sorry to inform you that Starbucks is out of coffee. Wait….stop…people please don’t riot…there will be coffee tomorrow….gasp….help…HELP!”

First of all, I have no idea what this one is about. (Did all the Starbucks run out of coffee?  Is it the two straight days of sun that protesters won’t put up with?)  I guess if I paid attention when the news came on, I would know.  I would watch the news if other things like Seinfeld reruns weren’t so interesting.  I mean the one about the golf ball in whale was on!  I can easily ignore the news at that time.  But when the news interupts when I am trying to watch The Voice, or NBA basketball, then I get bitter.  Can the riots just wait until prime time is over?

It's the one where the golf ball gets stuck in the whale hole.  Otherwise I would switch to the news.

It’s the one where the golf ball gets stuck in the whale hole. Otherwise I would switch to the news.

Also I was trying to concentrate on reading blogs.  There was screaming and loud flash bombs and fireworks and people screaming profanity.  Could the riot keep it down a little?  My kids shouldn’t have to be subjected to the noise when they are trying to sleep.  Haven’t they ever heard of Quiet Riot?  So instead of having a riot celebrating my son’s adoption day, we watched a riot on TV.  They will do anything for sweeps week I guess.  Bitter.


Bitter Quiet Riot Ben

76 thoughts on “Riot Bitterness

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  4. Love this post! It is wonderful how you linked these topics, the serious and the funny! Happy adoptionday to you and your family!!! My housemate was a adopted child, his family never talked about untill he found it out by himself. A shock for them all. Hey, I copy mollytopia above, thats such a nice english sentence 😉
    >Congratulations on the legal adoption day of your boy – that’s awesome! Now I like you even more<


    • Tutti, your English is excellent! I can’t imagine ever being able to do phrase in German, let alone knowing the whole language. I had lots of respect for you doing a blog in English instead of German. Besides you do great artwork that I love!


  5. Back when we had the hurricane go through downtown, people were rioting the morning after because Starbucks wasn’t open (because no electricity… DUH!!). Oh, and then they rioted because they didn’t have food. That apparently had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that they didn’t see the freaking hurricane barreling towards us for a week and a half. Seriously people? Come on now. Come on.

    Riots make me bitter too. It’s not like they are even usually about anything important.


  6. I live near Seattle so I am doubly bitter. I missed a chance to…umm, well, what the hell DID they do? Um…I could have overturned a trash can. Oh wait, I did that last week trying not to miss garbage pick up. OH I know, I could have thrown a rock..but I did that too. At the rooster. He would’t shut UP! I COULD HAVE gassed myself…but I did that too. You definitely don’t want to know about that. well, I could have told off a policeman. But I kind of like them…seems I am WAY ahead of the rioters. yay…sorry. Not bitter. Congrats on adoption day celebration. That’s awesome!


  7. I think this was such a great post! I am adopted and that is great you celebrate his adoption. I’m sure he’s in awesome hands with the both of you raising him! I know he’s a funny father, that’s fo sho. 😛


    • I am big fan of my little buddy, Mr. Calvin. He is the bees knees. You need to tell me your adoption story sometime. Hope it was a positive experience. I also have a sister that is adopted. I am really thankful to his biological parents for trusting us with this awesome little dude.


  8. Riots in the streets of Seattle? Last year I predicted there would be riots in every major city. Hmmm…. Interesting. I think the world is finally going crazy, and ironically it STARTS in Seattle?Home of mellow people& Star-Bucks?? What’s next? Ninjas in Newark?


  9. Hahaha – I had no idea. Because I don’t watch television. And I should, because it pays my bills, but I can’t care. So, thanks for filling me in! I’ll see what I can find on the interwebs about all this foolishness. In far more important news, congratulations on the legal adoption day of your boy – that’s awesome! Now I like you even more.


    • He is actually a pretty awesome kid and on top of that he really likes me. Just wait until he gets older and realizes that I am just a bitter old man.
      Good luck on finding out what went on at the riots. Are you a newscaster?


  10. How old is your son? I loved adoption day, and PIE… ahhhh yeah. I know nothing about the riots, but I do find news SUPER depressing so I avoid it as much as I can. My Grandma used to watch it daily and the only thing I took from it was newscasters tell us horrible things with a smile on their face. Eff that. Eff that very much.


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