Kid Show Parent bitterness

As a lazy person trapped in an efficient world, I have always appreciated the media for it's ability to make me look like I care about stuff while just sitting and staring at things.  For instance, I have this computer that I sit at and if I just get this focused look on my face, type … Continue reading Kid Show Parent bitterness

Bitter Picture/Cartoon of the Week

This lemon was just minding his business being all comfortable on the tree, trying to get ripe and all of a sudden someone picks on him(uh I mean picks him).  Do you blame this lemon for being a little bitter and sarcastic?  When life gives you lemons, try not to make them bitter.  Besides, everyone just wants … Continue reading Bitter Picture/Cartoon of the Week

Bitter T shirt of the Week

As a person who chooses to write things instead of say things because saying things takes so much effort and is really hard work, my favorite form of expression besides blog writing is T-shirts.  So along comes this T-shirt which would be a perfect way to express myself except the state is wrong.  And the city.  … Continue reading Bitter T shirt of the Week

The grass is always greener bitterness.

You know what makes me so bitter? Besides everything?  Whatever people have, they always want to be elsewhere.  If they are at work, they want to be at home.  If they are at home, they want to go out.  If they are out, they want to be at home.  When people are single they want to be in a relationship.  When they … Continue reading The grass is always greener bitterness.

Bitter Picture of the Week

This chocolate seems a little like me.  In it's core, it is chocolate.  But all the other milk chocolate and sweet chocolate are busy being popular with people.  Nobody cares about the bitter chocolate sitting on the shelf being ignored. But they all have the potential to be like me if left on the shelf and ignored. … Continue reading Bitter Picture of the Week