Statistical Nightmare Bitterness

Hey guys, having a good start to 2021? Me? Not so much. In fact, I have a beef to pick with you guys and it has a lot to do with the statistics on this blog. I know that statistics can be skewed quite a bit, especially in favor of the guy that is making the claims, but it is pretty cut and dry when you look at it. Take a look at the below graph.

If you aren’t familiar with this graph, then you haven’t looked at your stats in WordPress. Anyways, if you don’t know what it is, it is the amount of views that this blog has garnered from its inception, in 2012. In this case, it is showing yearly. If you are any good at statistics, then you know that 2016 was the peak of this blogs powers. It had a lot of sway back then and bitterness was at an all-time high. Ever since then, it look like a Chute from Chutes and Ladders. And if you look closely at 2021, it is even less than my first year of blogging. Not acceptable.

Something is wrong here, right? I don’t know if all of you have experienced something like this, but it isn’t cool. Not cool at all. So, knowing that I haven’t changed at all from my initial bitterness since I was born, clearly the problem isn’t me. I still write with the same amount of vigor as I used to. I still have beefs with everything from the smallest leaf on the ground to the biggest alien planets. If you don’t believe me, look at the last, oh, I don’t know, 1000+ blog posts I’ve done. This Bitter Blogger has done some work and it’s about time that the appreciation for all this work come to fruition. The extent of my work knows no bounds.

So my question is this. Why are you betraying me like this? What have you been doing wrong since 2016 that I don’t know about? Why do you continually let me down in every way? Why are you not support this great work that I am doing?

What is all of your problems? I don’t ask for much. Just everything. And you guys have clearly let me down. There is no other explanation. Because I am so merciful, I will give you another chance. But only one chance. If by 2022, this number isn’t beyond the number in 2016, my reign of terror will continue to reign until terror has no more terror to have. You think 2020 was a bad year? Well, 2021 and 2022 will be much worse if you don’t start getting on my blog, and participating like it is your last breath. How about we reverse what Chute means and Shoot these blog stats right back up into the stratosphere huh?

So, how was your guys’ holidays? Good?


Bitter Statistical Nightmare Ben


19 thoughts on “Statistical Nightmare Bitterness

  1. You can’t see this, but I’m prostate, begging your forgiveness. Not really, couldn’t reach the keyboard, and I’ve yet to bend the knee for anyone/thing, however, you are most appreciated, oh bitter purveyor of badness and gladness (that I’m not you, or anyone else). Blog on comrade; your vassals await your further digital, virtual, nay saying…


    • Thank you for you side laughing emoji’s, but it isn’t enough, Amy. We are going to need everyone to start, you know, dropping everything else they are doing and make comments, drop likes and share this with their friends. This is going to have to be viral, or like I said before, destruction and stuff. So get out there and do your part.


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