Halloween Bitter Friday Giftures


Halloween is just around the corner and this may be the scariest year yet, because many places are either cancelling or being told they can’t do Halloween. While I’m not a huge Halloween fan, I know many people consider Halloween their favorite holiday. I feel for them and also for society, because when some people don’t get their Halloween, they are going to riot. It’s always funny when Halloween is around an election too, because the politics seem to get infused with the holiday. It will be interesting to see how it plays out this year.

Will people just use their typical masks as the costume? Will anyone get candy or will we be as afraid as when I was a kid when people were putting razor blades in candy? How many people will use poor taste and come as Coronviruses?

I don’t even know if I want to answer any of these questions. Let’s just pretend through Giftures that is just a typical Halloween and we are having a costume contest shall we…

This guy wins for the scariest…

Dog Halloween GIF by ViralHog

…k9 of them all.

How about this one gets…

Halloween Costume GIF

…best use of mechanics?

This one is just here…

Dog Halloween GIF by TikTok

…to deliver some hilarity.

This one is just here to say…

Halloween Candy GIF

…what we are all thinking.

This is how I feel when I wear a costume…

Jack O Lantern Halloween GIF

…and no one else does.

Who doesn’t love…

snl nbc GIF by Saturday Night Live

…when somebody shows up with the same costume?

Or when it takes 3 people…

Halloween Costume GIF

…to do one costume?

You would think…

Trick Or Treat Halloween GIF by SNICKERS

…you could at least score some of the good stuff.

Just make sure to study up…

jamie lee curtis halloween GIF by Entertainment Weekly

…before you go out.

Make sure you…

trick or treat halloween GIF

…wear a mask.


Stay safe…

90S Vintage GIF by Halloween


Happy Trick Or Treat GIF by Crest

…eat some candy.

Make sure you get out there and scare someone, creep them out, or find some mischief to get in. That’s what All Hollow’s Eve is all about.


Bitter Halloween Ben



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