The Amazing Race Bitter Friday Giftures


Race has been a tricky word this year, whether it be in the race for the presidency or other dealing with the different races in our country, but I think we should talk more about the Amazing Race, which just started its 32nd season? I don’t know what it is about this show, (maybe it’s the music), but it almost makes me feel like walking, possibly even fast, or travelling.

In the end, we know I will end up on the couch,  rather than attempt running or traveling, but Amazing Race comes closest to making me want to do either of those. The Amazing Part of the Amazing Race is that it actually has a prize worth pursuing. $1 million dollars. While that wouldn’t make me generationally wealthy, like inheriting Bezos’ cash, it would almost make me get off the couch. We watch the Game Show network a lot, and for their ultimate prize it is between 10 K – 15K, which definitely would not get me off the couch. I keep thinking between 3 other teammates and air travel, hotel stays, food and entertainment, even winning the big prize would barely leave you $20 to tip the airline guy for you luggage.

And that is only if you win some of these really difficult game shows. Enough about my bitter take on game shows, let’s get to the Bitter Friday Giftures…

Unless the prize is Bezos inheritance…

Fasiha Rauf GIF

…I’m not doing this.

I would definitely wouldn’t do this…

save game show GIF

…because exercise.

I definitely wouldn’t go on a show…

GIF by Deal Or No Deal

…where I had to spend all this time talking to a host though.

Rolling uphill doing anything…

game show fighting GIF

…definitely not for $15K.

Spinning a wheel while sitting…

this is us fun GIF by Rachael Ray Show

…sounds pretty amazing though.

Picking numbers…

GIF by Deal Or No Deal

…seems way more up my alley.

Going grocery shopping…

Game Show No GIF by ABC Network

…I pass on that even when my wife wants me to go.

Getting hit on the head…

…maybe. Because you don’t have to move from the couch and I get hit by my kids all the time anyways.


Get Out Dodgeball GIF by Discovery

I already get paid for this…

excited game show GIF by Nickelodeon

…at work every day.

This is just me at a typical…

game show japan GIF

…meeting at work.

Now this is a game show…

streaming episode 1 GIF by Hotstar

…I can get into.

legends of the hidden temple television GIF


There is one race I would like to cruise through, and that is the race to end this year. The race to end this election. The race to end this virus. The race to get Bezos fortune. Anyone else up for a race?


Bitter Amazing Race Ben


4 thoughts on “The Amazing Race Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. My son and I went and auditioned for the “Amazing Race” – sadly we were not selected, but I would love to do that – travel around the world at break-neck speed. I wouldn’t want to jump off anything really tall though, or our of a plane, or actually I wouldn’t want to eat the gross stuff they eat. I am with you on ending this year, it has been a terrible, horrible no good year in so many respects.


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