School’s Out Forever Bitter Friday Giftures


I remember when I was a kid when we got to May, we were all excited about the prospect of the end of May because it meant that we no longer had to go to school. There was that song that said, “Schooool’s out for the summer! School’s out forever!” But we had to wait for it. And the summer was just the right time for it.

But now this stupid virus has ruined everything. If it doesn’t go away, school might just be out forever and these kids in my house might never leave. How is that fair. I’m here trying to work from home and they are just out here bothering me all day. Can we just place them all in the school under quarantine together, so I don’t have to deal with them for a couple of months? On that bitter note, how about some Bitter Friday Giftures:

Go to school kid.

kid GIF by The Videobook

Or how about going outside?

kid moment GIF by The Videobook

Go play with a ball or something.

kid GIF by The Videobook

Go play with the dog.

dog star GIF by The Videobook

Go build a mech.

kids mechs GIF by Cheezburger

Go play with your sister.

kid memory GIF by The Videobook

Go spin in a circle.

baby kid GIF

Go break a law or something.

kidding showtime GIF by Showtime

Go climb a tree.

kids fail GIF

Go cut your own hair.

kid GIF

Go play with a box.

kids fail GIF

Go get married or something.

kid fail GIF

Go find a swing.

kids fail GIF

Whatever you do, just do it away from me.


Bitter Get Back to School Ben


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