Bill Keeps Asking for All this Money Bitter Friday Giftures


I don’t know about you, but month after month, I keep having to pay money just to live. Like in order to live in this house, I gotta give somebody money. In order to get heat, or air, I gotta pay some money. In order to write these Bitter Friday Giftures, I have to pay WordPress, and the internet and the electricity and what else? Oh yeah, I had to pay for this computer. And every month, this Bill guy seems to get all this money.

I don’t know about you, but I kind of wish I changed by name because every month, every pays their own Bills. Maybe that is why Bill Gates gets all the money. Anyways, maybe we should just switch it up, think outside the box and start paying our Ben’s instead. Anyone with me? Raise of hands? Come on guys, a little support here?

If nothing else, we at least have our Bitter Friday Giftures…

I agree and for that…

…you should have to pay your Ben’s.

Except Danny Devito…

oh yeah money GIF by QuickBooks

…you spelled Ben wrong.

Guys, come on, get back to work…

delegating prime minister GIF by CBC

…you’ve got Ben’s to pay.

This kid knows what I’m talking about…

drake in my feelings GIF by Republic Records

…he’s trying to make the money so he can pay his Ben’s.

These guys and girls are all working it…

hard work GIF

…cause they need some Benjamin’s to pay their Ben’s.

Time to stop paying your Bill…

Bill Nye GIF

…Nye’s and start paying you Ben…Bitters.

Stop paying your Bill…

bill clinton GIF by Justin

…Clinton’s and start paying your Bitter Bens.

Stop paying your Bill…

billie eilish GIF by Virgin Radio

…ie Ellish’s and start paying your Ben eyelashes.

Yes, you can invest your hard-earned money…

happy season 3 GIF

…in the lottery, but that won’t pay the Bens.

I know it is tempting to be lazy…

lazy jim gaffigan GIF

…but that won’t help you pay the Bens.

Rise and shine sleepyheads…

Yawning Good Morning GIF

…cause if you don’t, you won’t be able to pay your Bens.

This is what I expect…

illustration arrow GIF by LINDA VAN BRUGGEN

…my Ben account to look like soon.


Now that we’ve established how the economy is going to work…for me, let’s start getting back to work! Those Ben’s aren’t going to pay themselves. Come on now! I hope you’ve enjoyed my TED Talk. Thank you.


Bitter Pay Your Bens Ben


3 thoughts on “Bill Keeps Asking for All this Money Bitter Friday Giftures

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  2. While this didn’t inspire me to pay any Bens, it did remind me to quit reading blogs and get back to work.


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