Back Pain Ben Bitter Friday Giftures


I have a lot of pain, in a lot of places, all over. I guess that is the fun part of aging. Also for a lifetime of lifting things the wrong way, sleeping on horrible beds and going camping against my will when I was a kid. If only my family stayed in hotels instead of in a tent when I was younger, all these things could have been solved.

The nice thing about back pain is that you only think about it when it hurts, which is only about 100% of the time. Although you do get distracted sometimes by the pain in your neck, or in your knees, or sometimes in your shoulders. Sometimes I wonder if I was given a defective model and I should have exchanged it for a refund a long time ago. Especially if it has a lifetime warranty. Alas, just like anything I want to return, I’m too lazy or too scared to ask for a refund.

One thing you will never ask for a refund for is Bitter Friday Giftures even though they have a 0% refund if you aren’t satisfied.

I love…

infomercial movement GIF

…getting up from chairs.

Who says…

GIF by Demic

…I don’t exercise?

There’s only pain here…

team stress GIF by BasketsFX

…and one other place…everywhere.

I’m not sure why…

door fail GIF by Cheezburger

…my back hurts all the time…

Maybe I could see…

Mr Bean Thumbs Up GIF

…a doctor about it.

Because doctors…

busy fred willard GIF

…don’t seem to be very busy right now.

It’s a good thing we can just go out whenever we want…

Bored Schitts Creek GIF by CBC

…to help distract us from the pain.

It’s also helpful that we have the luxury…

Work From Home Quarantine GIF by Real Food RN

…of working from home.

It’s just so nice being able to spend time…

nicksplat GIF

…with the ones you love.

Doing activities…

Step Brothers Bedroom GIF

…that are good for your back.

Gives you all kinds of time…

think tom hanks GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

…to think.

To figure out what you…


doubt GIF

…want to do with your life.

Luckily, my back pain is only the beginning of all the pains I have. I love that I have all kinds of pains that just keep distracting each other from other pains.


Bitter Pain in the Back Ben


14 thoughts on “Back Pain Ben Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. I too am a long time sufferer — sciatica. Not really back pain — just a true pain in the ass that is caused by a bad back. Just when that started getting better, the arthritis in the knees kicked in. Not sure which is worse — they both suck. Happy bitter Friday.


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