Got any games on your Phone Bitterness

Just one of hundreds of memes I have to keep up on.

My kids are always alerting me of the latest memes, as if I wasn’t 100% in on all of them.  Honestly, I think my kids speak meme, because 90% of what comes out of their mouths refer to some meme or another. I try to be in the know so I can talk to them, and also so I can translate things for my wife, who isn’t 100% up on them like me.

It’s probably one of the older memes, but there is a particular one out right now that makes me cringe. It’s one where this little kid asks some older person, “You got any games on your phone?”

Nope, no games on this phone kid.

I don’t know about you all, but I don’t really like to share my phone. I don’t like kids getting their grubby hands all over my battery life and messing up the games I have on my phone. It makes me cringe just a little.

I think the thing that really bothers me because I’m old is the pure audacity of a kid (or most kids) to flat out ask adults to use their phone. Some parents don’t mind (my wife is one of them), but I kind of think that kids should have a little more respect for adults in general about asking them to use a $1000+ device that we are paying through the nose for. On top of that, don’t they understand that these devices are not just gaming devices? Go get yourself a Switch, kid. Or a stupid tablet or Ipad. Leave my frickin phone alone.  I’ve got a Candy Crush level to play.

This is the only thing we had to play games with back then, and it didn’t make phone calls.

I think the worst part is that kids these days just think they need to be entertained 24/7 by some device. I mean, where did they learn that type of behavior? From their parents? Oh yeah, I guess they did.

Just so they know though, we had to learn to entertain ourselves when we were growing up. We had to go outside. We had to do chores. We had to play our Atari’s and Nintendo’s that were PLUGGED INTO a wall. We had to play our computer games with a computer that PLUGGED IN! We had to answer a phone that was PLUGGED IN!

No that I think of it, how did we survive as kids? I don’t have any sort of imagination. Why weren’t we granted the privilege of a device that didn’t need a plug. In fact, how did people survive in the 80’s (1880’s) without electricity? Man, now I’m just bummed out with all the people that lived without that.

What it must have been like back before phones.

I’m going to go cheer myself up by playing some games on my phone.


Bitter Games on My Phone Ben


10 thoughts on “Got any games on your Phone Bitterness

  1. Sounds liek you could use an old fashioned rotary dial phone, if only to point to it when asked if “Could I use user your phone?” “Sure, it’s right there.”

    “I can’t do anything on that!”
    “It’s for talking to people. Or listening – time and temperature. You know, the reason for a telePHONE.”

    I wonder how it hard it is to find 1960’s books on how to build your own computer… possibly stuff using relay logic. What, me evil?


  2. I cannot agree with you more here. I have same issues with sharing my phone. That’s my phone. Period. Secondly, I want the kid to live the real life, play the games meant to be played and not just drown himself in the phone


  3. My 9-year old granddaughter LOVES my phone. She has a tablet of her own, but she wants to play games on my phone. At first, it puzzled me, then I figured it out. She delights in downloading new apps & games to my phone. She adds to my amazon Prime watchlist the movies she wants to watch, completely messing up my plan.
    Beware of suspicious behavior on your phone!!


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