Free Time Bitter Friday Giftures


When you are younger all you want is for people to pay attention to you. Feed me, cuddle me, give me toys, take me to the park.

When you get older and can feed yourself, get all the cuddling you can handle from your kids, get all the toys you really want, and can’t stand running in the park anymore, you just want people to leave you the heck alone.

With work swallowing up 40+ hours a week, family swallowing up 25+ and sleep 40+ a week, there really isn’t that much time for the old bitter self.  Why does everyone else require so much time from me, but Bitter Guy can’t get a few minutes every few weeks? We’ll leave the answer up to the Bitter Friday Giftures.

It doesn’t help that people…

…are they way that they are.

Why does everyone always have to…

…act so helpful?

I said…

…I’m done talking.

Maybe I will look forward…

…to my days of not being able to hear so well.

I have to do something important…

…like play games.

My favorite thing…

…to do.

How I feel…

…whenever someone says a word.

Whenever some asks me…

…for directions.

Just curious.

Neither do I…

…why are you here again?


…you stay over there.


…gotta go.

What are some of your best tactics for letting people know you gotta go? I always just start inching toward the door and pretending I can’t hear you. Do you have any advice for me so I can get better at people avoidance?


Bitter Avoiding people Ben


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