Alexa and Google

  My daughter is always making sure that I'm up to date on the latest memes, though occasionally I find some of the older ones a lot funnier. One of my favorites of all time is the following: "This is my job. It's soda pressing." I don't know if this next one is a meme, … Continue reading Alexa and Google

Got any games on your Phone Bitterness

My kids are always alerting me of the latest memes, as if I wasn't 100% in on all of them.  Honestly, I think my kids speak meme, because 90% of what comes out of their mouths refer to some meme or another. I try to be in the know so I can talk to them, … Continue reading Got any games on your Phone Bitterness

The Power of Photos

My daughter recently went on a 3 day trip with a young women's group to Southern Utah to go white water rafting. They weren't allowed to bring their cell phones. Asking my daughter to do that is well, like asking me to do that. Even though I'm not a millennial, I still have trouble letting … Continue reading The Power of Photos

Make a bitter meme, get featured on Ben’s Bitter Blog

Who wants to become part of history? You all have a chance to the be the first people in the history of ever to submit content to me and actually get it on a post of mine. How does it feel to be on the precipice of history? Are giddy with bitterness? Morose with paralyzing … Continue reading Make a bitter meme, get featured on Ben’s Bitter Blog