Yesterday started out pretty normal. I went to work, got stuff done, came home got some dinner, listened to my daughter excitedly talk about her birthday today and then I retreated to my favorite place in the world, the couch for some chill. Just as my wife was getting ready to go to bed, she got a call. You know, the one you always dread. My son was hiking in the mountain with his church troop and he was playing in some water and slipped. Gashed his leg really well. If anything, the kid is good at injuring himself. His leaders had to bring him home and we needed to bring him to the ER. He ended up with 17 stitches and quite a bit of attention. Just when we thought it couldn’t get weirder, we to look at our porch and we saw Bruce Wayne’s little brother that bit him and turned him into Batman. On that strange note, Bitter Friday Giftures.

Yeah, this guy…

…was hanging out on the porch.

I was thinking the weekend was swift approaching…

…when things came to a screeching halt.

My co-worker’s were being so great…

…until they were not.

I felt like I was just falling asleep…

…when the band came marching in.

Just when I was melding into my person no talk shield…

…the shield broke.

Last night I think I might have heard some…

…sonic waves.

Just spit it out… we can get it over with. 

Go ahead…

…do something or whatever.

What is happening…

…around here?

You know what…

…I’m always disappointed.

Yesterday was definitely…



…you don’t want to look there.

That is…

…for dang sure.

I assume that because we had all the drama last night that today will be perfectly and regularly bitter. No interruptions, no crazy things happening…yes that is what is going to happen.


Bitter Batty Ben



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