Can I play your phone Bitter Friday Giftures


My son is 11 and he already makes me think that he will work for the United Nations someday. He is always negotiating high powered contracts and he is relentless. For instance, we recently lost Xbox Live Gold, which allows you to play games with your friend over Xbox. I decided that as much as I want to renew, I let it slide for a little bit, because I don’t need it ALL the time. Because of this, he can’t talk to all his friends and some games like Fortnite won’t even work. So he has been constantly hounding me every day to get it. I finally decided in order to delay him, that if he goes to bed for a week on time and without argument, he can get it. He agreed of course, because he will do anything to get it. However, he has still been hounding me to get it every day after school and he keeps trying to change the terms.

This is nothing new as he is constantly trying to get us to do things that we don’t want to do for him. Since he doesn’t have a phone yet, he is always hounding me to allow him to use mine. But since mine is one of those ultra expensive ones (one that I had waited five years for), I tell him no. So he uses his mom’s all the time. But he never stops asking me to use mine, despite the fact that I’ve told him no multiple times. The kid just doesn’t give up. That will bode well for his UN job someday.

Bitter Friday Giftures will never give up either despite all the time they are being told no.


…this guy kept trying this one over and over.

There’s something fishy…

…about these guys not giving up.

Fall down 9 times…

…get up 11.


…you just need to give the kids a little nudge.


…are always so helpful in your exercise efforts.

Doesn’t matter how hard you try…

…you will fail.

If you can’t go through…

…go under.

Don’t let kids…

…mess with you.

If you’re going to fail…

…pretend like it didn’t happen.


…just fail with no style.

Or just make sure…

…the whole world sees it.

Or just pretend…

…you don’t car at all.

The end of the week is here. That means you don’t let anyone play your phone. Your phone is for important things like reading fine books, answering important business emails and…alright it is for Candy Crush…but for you, not your kids.


Bitter No you can’t play my phone Ben

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