I might have a Concussion

Micheal with the Forman grilled foot taking Dwight Shrute’s concussion not so seriously.

One of my favorite episodes of the Office is when Micheal Scott calls the office to tell everyone that he burned his foot on a George Forman grill. The episode is the funny from beginning to end. Micheal asks Pam to come and get him and he acts like the world has ended because his foot kind of hurts (reminds me of many of my previous co-workers).Β  Dwight immediately jumps into action as tells Micheal he is coming for him. As Dwight is leaving the office, he runs his car into a telephone pole, and immediately gets out, and pukes all over his car. He is unplussed and just keeps heading toward Micheal.

Throughout the episode, Micheal continues to make a huge deal out of his “injury” to the point where he invites a guy in a wheelchair to talk about how hard it is to live with handicaps. As he heads out he asks Jim, “What is wrong with that guy?” and Jim replies, “I apologize for Micheal.” The guy goes, “No, I mean the moon faced kid (Dwight). I think he might have a concussion.”

This morning, I got a rude wake up call. On my side of the bed, the door going into the bathroom swings out, so when open, it leans right against my night stand. Most nights, we close the door, because a lot of light comes from the bathroom. For some reason, last night, I was open and I didn’t know it. When my alarm went off I stood up quickly and rammed my forehead directly into the side of the door. It hurt like the dickens, but I recovered enough not to wake my wife.


I felt a little moisture on the forehead though and reached to touch it. Of course there was blood. Problem was, I couldn’t wipe it off, because I didn’t want to mess up and towels or linens with blood. I kept searching and decided that I had to use a towel. So I wiped it and took my shower. I leaned my head backward, because I didn’t want to get any blood on the shower floor. My wife just cleaned it the other day.

When I got out, I turned on the lights to search for a bandaid. I finally found one, but was hesitant to put it on. I don’t really align with Darth Vader, but the Stormtrooper bandaids were all we had. So I had to suck it up and align with the empire for a little while, at least while I took my pre-work, post-shower nap. I couldn’t lay on the couch with a bloody head, so I took the towel that I wiped all the blood with and layed that on top of the couch pillow. I would face death worse than a concussion if I spilt a drop of blood on that new couch.

I might have forgot to mention that the other day while playing catch with my son, I thought I had caught the ball, but didn’t and it came flying out and wacked me in my left temple. Just warning you that if I say anything nice, I didn’t come from me. It was the concussion speaking.

Have a Nice Day!

Have you ever had any areas on your body that seem to magnetically attract injuries? Ever said anything opposite of your nature during a concussion?


Bitter Concussion Ben


50 thoughts on “I might have a Concussion

  1. My sinuses. They don’t like air. So when I breathe, which I continue to do often, my sinuses are exposed to air. And then I catch colds, sinus infections, and other things that cause headaches. My sinuses are very easily injured by air.

    Sorry you have such frequent head injuries, But we all have our vulnerabilities. Perhaps if it weren’t so, no one would be bitter.


  2. Ouch! 😦 OH, your poor noggin! 😦 So sorry to hear this happened to you! 😦

    You are such a thoughtful considerate bleeder! I’m sure your wife appreciated that!

    I hope you made up a really wild, gnarly story about how you got the cut on your forehead! Telling people you rammed it into a door just doesn’t cut it. Well, it DID cut it (your head), but you know what I mean. πŸ˜›

    I’m sorry you got concuss-ed, but I like the non-bitter things the concuss-ed you said! πŸ˜€

    Great The Office memory! Ha! πŸ˜€

    I’ve never had a concussion, although some people might say I act and talk like I have. *snort*

    But, I have a penchant for breaking bones…so far it’s 2 toes and my nose.
    HUGS and heal quickly!!! πŸ™‚


  3. Look at a concussion like a night of heavy drinking… You get dizzy in both cases; but, with a concussion, the vomiting just comes a little early.

    Hope you feel better, soon.


  4. NICE? Geez, Ben, I hope you recover soon. My shins wear signs that say “hurt me.” Bicycle chains, coffee tables, you name it, I have collided with or become entangled in it. At least it isn’t my forehead, where goofy bandaids are so much more noticeable. πŸ™‚


  5. My knees- I’m 19 and I have the knees of a 100 year old. They’ve been dislocated, stopped working, and crack at every chance. Everyone laughs because my knees are magnets for a disaster.


  6. Ouch! That is going to look really cool after it turns purple, yellow, and green. I’ve had a few concussions due to a past martial career in which people often told me I seemed a nicer and calmer person when my brains were scrambled. I always blamed the happy juice the medics hand out so they don’t have to listen to bitter bloviations about why it was so unfair one should be stoned and strapped to a gurney instead of seeking glory on the field of honor. But, it seems we do act a little out of character when the noggin is dazed and confused. Hope that doesn’t leave you with a Harry Potter scar. People will have unreasonable expectations if that occurs.


  7. I have something wrong with the back of my foot. During the winter it doesn’t bother me because I am always wearing shoes. In the warmer months, I tend to wear sandals or flip flops and I am always hitting my foot on chair legs. I hate that. It makes me bitter enough to make up for your temporary kindness.


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