Spider Sat down beside him Bitter Friday Giftures


I don’t know if it is because I’m the oldest male in the house, or because my fears are about more about failure and tight spaces, but I’ve always been the designated spider killer. Last night I was wrestling with the boy (and losing) until he saw the tiniest of spiders on his wall. He ran in sheer terror and wouldn’t go back to his room until I put the tiniest of creatures away.

I’ve never understood the fear of spiders, because they are like a million times smaller than us. I’m sure it is an irrational fear, because of the super rare instances of much larger spiders that have actual venom and the ability to kill or leave really big welts on people, but I’ve never been too afraid of them. Then again, most fears are irrational, because tight spaces will probably never kill me either, except in the rare case of being crushed by a garbage wall like in Star Wars.

I’m sure somebody fears Bitter Friday Giftures too, but let me assure you that they won’t kill you either. Unless we have a Ring situation. Until then, fear the Friday Giftures….

If she didn’t fear being crushed before…

…she does now.

This guy was already a little fishy…

…now he’s just getting on other people’s optical nerves.

I can see why people have a fear of magic…

…cause people ask them, “Water you doing?”

If think gifs like these…

…are why cameras were invented.

I think if she didn’t fear running before…

…she definitely does now.

Some people have a fear of dogs…

…others of dog leashes.

This kid was looking for…

…some bird food.

Granny is trying to make…

…this cake uneatable.

She will probably not grow up to…

…be an olympic gymnast. 


…a toddler not afraid to do a little work. 

Not sure why this guy is not having…

…a very knife time.

This guy isn’t…

treeting things very nicely.

Fears are all around us. Driving in traffic, spiders, trees, falling from a buildings. Get out there and find you fears and avoid them as long as possible, because the faster you face them, the faster you will overcome them. And nobody needs that.


Bitter Spider Whisperer Ben

18 thoughts on “Spider Sat down beside him Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. HA! These AND your comments made me snort-laugh again! 😀

    You’ve not experienced true fear until a framed photo falls off your bedroom wall in the middle of the night! 😮 😛

    HUGS!!! Happy Whee-kend!!! 😀


  2. Nope. Facing fears doesn’t mean you overcome them, unless maybe you’re in a cartoon. Not when facing them makes them come true and attack you and make everything worse. Then you’re left with bigger, worse fears than ever. Waaay better to hide from them like, forever. Believe me.


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