Having your momma on the show

How males bond.

Can I tell you the difference between how men bond and how women bond? At least this is my perspective. So women are usually able to go to a place and sit down for lunch and chat, or sit down in their living room and chat. They might nibble on some finger food, or sip some beverage. Men on the other hand, bond around TV or video games. Not only do we need the distraction of the TV to take away from the long lulls in conversation, but also a subject. We aren’t smart enough to think of conversation or gossip on our own.

Anyways, my family and I had this odd moment last Thursday where we were all four gathered around the TV at the same time, watching the same program and were not on our phones.

I think they call it family bonding, but I’m not sure because we don’t normally have these moments.

It was the classic man bonding thing, because we had the TV show to not only give us the distraction, but also the subject. We were watching this show “To Tell the Truth” which is a reboot of an old show that used to run on daytime TV when I was growing up. It’s basically a show where three people claim they are someone and one person is telling the truth. The “celebrity” panel asks them questions to see which ones are lying.

Who cares about the premise. The thing that cracked me up more than any of the show content was the fact that the host, Anthony Anderson introduced 4 people on the panel, and then off to the side there was this other lady, which he didn’t introduce. Every once in a while they would pan over to her and she would ask questions of the 3 contestants.

That’s what all moms say.


We were all baffled until Anthony Anderson looked at her and called her momma. So this was…Anthony Anderson’s mom and she was part of the show. I’m like…okaay. When we all realized it was his straight up legit mother on the show, we were dying.

I then put it in perspective. I wondered what the heck it would be like if my mother was on the show. She would probably interject with random things like this lady and becom more popular on the show than me. And I would probably get after her and tell her that she is interupting my show and can you please let me do my job.

I also wonder what it would be like if she was allowed to come to my job. She would probably be cleaning my desk all day, telling me to be nicer to people that I talked to on the phone and bring desert and treats for all the people in my department. She would probably try to comb my hair and tell everyone at work how nice of a boy I am and I would have to work really hard to convince everyone how truly bitter I am, despite what my momma says. So essentially the same as it was for Anthony Anderson on his show.

How would it be for you all, if you momma was on your show? Or sitting with you at work? Lemme know in the comments.


Bitter Momma on my Show Ben



14 thoughts on “Having your momma on the show

  1. What a scary thought! My mom would definitely become more popular than me. She’s not the “cool” mom necessarily, but she’s the adorable tiny little mom that you just want to put right in your little pocket. She would be the next Betty White.


    • I’m sure most moms would outdo their kids when it came to garnering attention. I just think my mom would start telling people to stop swearing and mind their manners. Hopefully, she would at least bring food.


  2. It’d take me about one day before all the hair on my head was ripped out. My mom “discovered” my blog a few months ago and I’ve had to hear every piece of advice she has to offer. I shouldn’t be cursing and I definitely shouldn’t be posting pictures in a bathing suit. ARRRGGGHHH. She’s promised to stop reading my blog after my bottled up angst exploded. (We all know she hasn’t stopped reading it because she’s a mom, but at least I’ve stopped hearing about everything I’m doing wrong.)


  3. If my mom was at work with me, I would NEVER miss a meeting. She’d be continually reminding me: “Don’t forget you have that 1 pm with your Director. What’s her name again?” Also, I would never make any typos because she always lets me know when I do:-)


  4. She’d definitely be bringing in fresh-baked treats for everyone, telling me to sit up straight and focus on my work, and sitting in corner crocheting while keeping an eye on me. J.


  5. My mum would march right in and tell everyone that it just damn ridiculous not to let us have our own desks anymore – because how the hell could you expect someone to work while sitting on a bar stool? Then she’d criticise the artwork, tsk tsk over the coffee and say she was glad she never worked in an office. And everyone would love her ❤


  6. My momma would talk nonstop and try to borrow money from everyone. But I’d be nice to the audience and pass out earplugs, and warn them that any loans would actually be gifts.


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