Fall Bitter Friday Giftures

  Early next week, somehow we will officially start fall, which means that all fires will stop, all hurricanes will cease, and all disease will go away and pumpkin spice everything will come back. That is so crazy since it seems like all these weird things have been happening all year. It's weird how it … Continue reading Fall Bitter Friday Giftures

Falling off the Edge Bitter Friday Giftures

  I am so mad at myself. Yesterday as I was leaving the building to go home, I decided to help someone by holding the door open for them. Big mistake. They took their time getting to the door, and then I had to wait for them to open it for me. Then because it … Continue reading Falling off the Edge Bitter Friday Giftures

Bitter Rivalry of the Week: The Sun vs. The Rain

I remember a story my mom and dad read to me when I was young.  Essentially, there was this dude that walked around with a coat on and the sun and the wind had a bet.  The one that could get the coat off the person would win as the supreme ruler of the sky. … Continue reading Bitter Rivalry of the Week: The Sun vs. The Rain

Bitter Transition Gifture Friday

This week we made the transition from summer to fall.  On the calendar maybe.  In my mind summer was over looong ago.  For some reason the sun and the moon seem to think they are in charge of the changing of the seasons, but they have been overtaken.  You know who makes the decisions on … Continue reading Bitter Transition Gifture Friday