Doors open to Friday Giftures


A lot of people think of doors as a way to get into a better situation. Some people think of doors as a way to protect themselves from the outside world. But we know what they are really for. They are the introverts best friend. Not only do they keep the bad people out (others), but they speak volumes for introverts.

Mad as heck? Slam that door! Have a huge blowout fight? Slam it! Bitter about a meetings? Slam it in their face! Lose a big game in the last second? Slam it. Slam it real good. And the best part is many gifs come from slammed doors. Speaking of gifs, let’s get to it.

Too bad the door wasn’t doing its job…

…by keeping that guy out. 

This guy looks like he’s had a few too many…

…doors to the face. 

This guy will forever be running…

…from words and doors. 

This guy looks like…

…he learned how to be lazy from me. 

This guy learned about boomerangs…

…in a most enjoyable way for me.

This guy should never have left his door open…

…or left his car running. 

This is what happens…

…when you mistake a door for a window. 

Well, at least there is one good thing…

…about Pumpkin patches. 

I’m just going to reach down…

…and pretend I have to tie my shoe. 

And reaching down to tie another’s shoe…

…gets you stuck in the pit of despair. 

I hate when I get myself stuck…

…isn’t it adoor-able. 


The best way to avoid the puddles…

…a nice short taxi ride. 


Just remember, when a door closes somewhere, a window opens…just kidding. Another door slams in your face. If you don’t believe that, feel free to come to my house and I will be glad to slam the door in your face. Have a bitter weekend!


Bitter A-Door-Able Ben


15 thoughts on “Doors open to Friday Giftures

  1. I have to hand it to the guy who was able to chase the car down, some folks will do anything to “close the door”. 🙂


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