It’s Time to Pin This Week Down Giftures

If I was a wrestler, then I would probably wear a mask and be the Bitter Brawler or something like that. I just assume that people really wouldn’t want to see what is under the mask. I pretty much wouldn’t be a champion, and I certainly would be a villain, but definitely the least popular one, only brought out when all the other villains were busy or injured. Anyways, I think this week needs to be pinned down like a Pinterest board or whatever they do on Pinterest.

Time to gifture it up…

Get over here…


Now this is a pinata…

…that I could get on board with. 

Save the children…

…just kidding throw him..

Her weakness…

…is carbs.

Her weakness…

…is bananas. 

And her weakness…

…is big football field goals speeding toward her. 

This guy was just taking the hard way…

…to sitting in the chair. 

This guys weakness…

…is thinking too hard about things. 

This kids weakness is…

…laser pointers. 

Hey kid…

…water you thinking? 

If at first you don’t fail…

…fail, fail again. 



Let’s go ahead and stick a pin in this one. May your weekend be even worse than your upcoming Monday.


Bitter Pinned Down Ben


15 thoughts on “It’s Time to Pin This Week Down Giftures

  1. If you were a wrestler, your signature move could be the “bitterfly,” whereby you climb to the top of the ropes and howl with disappointment, disabling your opponent with hopelessness.

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