Guest what I did?

I like to help people.

I did work. I did work that I didn’t get paid for. That’s right. I did a guest post. On someone else’s blog. Not on mine. So you’re telling me that is how all guest posts work? Ugggh. Anyways, I just wanted to make it clear that I did something out of the bitterness of my heart for someone else.

Oh don’t think I didn’t do it for myself though. I always have an ulterior motive, even when I don’t know what it is. And especially when no one else knows why. I may be bitter and not smart in a lot of ways, but I’m pretty tricky when it comes to gaming the system.

Actually, I’m really just good at gaming. And by gaming I don’t mean cards in casinos. That I am miserable at. No, I’m talking about confusing people, distracting people, and tricking people into talking about something else, so I don’t become the victim of the spotlight, or the FBI investigation. Are you thoroughly confused about what the heck is going on right now? Good because I am too.

So what I want you to do is this. Go to the link that I shall so bitterly provide, click on that link and read the post.


Link right here. Click it, click it right now! 

I may have throngs of bitterly crazed maniacs with nothing better to do that be bitter, but this girl that asked me to do a guest post, doesn’t. And on top of that, she is way more talented than me, when it comes to existing, etc., especially when it comes to art, so like the post, follow the girls blog and start moving your bitterness to something productive for once (unlike me). Got it? Of course like my post first, then go over there and do all those things I instructed you to do. Oh and here is a shiny gif for making it all the way to the end of this post.

Bridges are funny.



Bitter Guest Poser Ben


40 thoughts on “Guest what I did?

    • I wish I could be in the movie Pitch Perfect. That would be awesome, but alas I can’t sing or act, so bitterness prevails and I am stuck being just a bitter blogger. As far as a guest post, I will do my mediumest.


  1. I would ask you to do a guest post on my blog but then you’d leave my hanging, which is in turn is going to make me bitter, which is just propagating your agenda so no thank you very much. I am not going to ask. I will however like your post on your buddy’s blog.


  2. Boy, if I ever guest posted on someone else’s blog I know I’d be bitter. In fact, if I liked or commented on someone else’s blog I’d probably 1) be a disappointment or 2) be disappointed. I’m pretty sure disappointment is the root of bitterness, so my plant is well on the way, well watered by exhaustion’s tears and encouraged to produce O2 from my breathing out CO2-laced frustration profanity. It’s that, or they’re “the tears of a clown when there’s no one around,” and the hopeless, lifeless, irradiated remains of demolished dreams. Well, I’m commenting, so here’s to being # 1.

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    • I’m sure I would be bitter too. Oh wait…There are many things that lead to bitterness and I’m all for any of those things. I hope that someday, everyone will have a reason to be bitter, and in turn, turn to my blog for advice, bitter cookie recipes, etc.

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        • I’m bitter that you insist I do research. BITTER, BITTER, BITTER. I do enough research of my own curiosities (Ecclesiastes 1:18) that brings me bitterness, without having to nose around some blog searching for bitter cookies. Plus, I know what pfeffernusse are. Add a little too much pfeffer to the nusse and you’ve got some very bitter cookies. Betty Botter’s bitter batter’s got nothing on zweiback cookies with too much pfeffer. You can’t eat those because they’re too hard and then you can’t hold them in your mouth too long unless you like the bitter burn.


        • I surely don’t have time to do research, especially when it comes to looking things up on my blog. I’m sure you can probably Google it or find some info in an encyclopedia. That’s where I go whenever I need to look up something really unimportant.

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