Least Favorite Day of the Week Giftures

I know you guys have been dreading this day all week. Friday’s are the worst I know. You had your stressed out Monday where you forgot to do your assignment, then Tuesday when you had to wait in line all day, then Wednesday where you had to figure out how to make Miley leave the country like she promised and Thursday to process how in the heaven you are going to be able to make it on only $40,000 a month. All these days are super bitter and ones that you can revel in. Then Friday comes along and all you have to stress about is how to get your pizza at lunch and then duck out early. I know how terrible Friday’s are for a bitter person like you, but we will somehow get through it somehow. Well, you thought that, until you realized that you have this stupid post every Friday that you have to read because of your moral obligation or something. So let’s get this over with. I will post it and you will read/gif it, but we don’t have to like it. So begrudgingly, this week gifs.

Okay fine…


…we’ll just go through the motions like we always do.

We’ll go through this bitter week…


…only to get wood blocked right at the end.

Thank goodness we have these disasters…


…to remind us that we can have bitterness on even the happiest of occasions.

And we have these babies…


…to remind us even the most basic of us humans can be bitter.

And even the stupidest of things…


…can be stupider with a little ingenuity.

And this kid teaches us…


…that it’s never to early to learn how to fail hardcore.

And this guy reminds us that…


…no creature is too small to annoy.

And this girl reminds us…


…that it’s never too late to become unbalanced.

And this guy reminds to us…


…that sometimes we need to be a little more careless so next time we land a little more comedically.

And this guy reminds us that…


…even the Flash runs a little late sometimes.

This guy reminds us that our birthdays…


…should be our worst day, not our best day.

And finally this girl…


…reminds us that even swimming can suck in the right circumstances.

So while it seems that Friday can be a huge disappointment for those of us true bitterites, if we make a concerted effort, or no effort at all, we can make our Fridays a lot more like our Mondays and Tuesdays. We just have to disbelieve enough and if we do, we can make anything seem impossible.


Bitter Every Day of the Week Ben

34 thoughts on “Least Favorite Day of the Week Giftures

  1. Hahaha, those babies :’) Evil little things, they are! :3

    As for the majority of these gifs… Did you search for the dumbest people out there? Why on Earth would anyone dive into a huge heap of snow? Or play pingpong on a balancing rope? Beats me. But, entertaining as ever.


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  3. Thanks for the gift of Friday bitterness, Ben. I was starting to feel a little too upbeat about cutting out early today. I love all the video reminders of people who have even more to be bitter about than me. It teaches me to take my spoonful of bitterness with a shovel full of modesty and humility. I hear the persimmons are really green right now. Think I’ll go chew on one.


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