I Feel A Disturbance In the Bitterness Today

Anyone feeling a little bitter today?

Anyone feeling a little bitter today?

Hey everyone, I would not be the world’s leading authority on bitterness if I didn’t post something today. Since I had my head in the sand(by that I mean head leaned over pretending to do paper while actually sleeping) working on a paper about social media, I wasn’t able to watch the news or read anything on social media. But for some reason, I felt a disturbance in the bitterness. Anyone else feel that?

Since I felt the disturbance in the bitterness force (a talent of mine being a Jedi of bitterness) I thought I would offer up my blog for you all to put your bitter comments on here. Don’t worry, this blog and I feed off bitterness, so anything bitter you have to say will just make us stronger.

I’ll start since I know you guys are kind of shy when it comes to sharing your bitterness.

Don’t you hate it when the place you are living in is a tad too warm? I mean for goodness sake, am I supposed to open a window? It’s like 45 outside and it is 85 inside. I don’t know if it was all the vitriol that was being thrown around yesterday (my son had a fight with his friend yesterday about a Wall Ball game) or all the hatred being spewed everywhere (I was burning hot with hatred at Gears of War servers yesterday because it was moving a tad slow). Trust me, I’m going to release all my frustrations on Social Media today because that will help.

You know voicing your opinion on something is going to change stuff. You may want to unfollow me if you don’t want to see all kinds of hatred I have about Gears being a little slow.

Now it is your turn. Let me know if anything is super bothering you today. Just make sure you use the hashtag #ARRRGGGHHH or something like that will help. Just know that any bitterness you spew will be absorbed by me, and I’m going to keep it. You can’t have it back.


Bitter Bitterness Guy Ben


89 thoughts on “I Feel A Disturbance In the Bitterness Today

  1. I am very bitter my mother never listens to me. I told her I had to go to the store for a client, to buy degreaser, and now she’s bought a bottle for me instead. It’s the wrong type, the wrong label, the wrong bottle, the wrong price, AND she managed to lose the receipt, so not only can I not return it, I also cannot show my client what he owes me. Thanks, mom -_-


  2. I keep trying to think bitter thoughts, but they keep dissolving before I can write. Maybe I feel bitter about my lack of ability to hold onto bitterness? #itsallgood

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  3. I drove the 45 minutes out to the bitter haunt today in an effort to avoid my bitter TV and to work on sculpting the bitter foam trees, and I forgot the bitter keys to the front gate the buildings that house my bitter tools. So I had to sit there listening to bitter election coverage and Hillary’s speech on NPR and trying not to cry for another hour while waiting for my husband to arrive with said keys. AND I have a bitter vagina which means I will never see a president like me. AND I have a bitter hangnail. AND I’m hungry and don’t feel like cooking bitter food. AND one of the cats just took a bitter shit and it’s making the whole house smell but the bitter box is ALL the way upstairs. This is not my bitter day. Also, please replace “bitter” with “fucking” in every sentence I just wrote. #AAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH

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  4. I am totally bitter today. Totally. I didn’t sleep last night, you-know-who is going to be our next President, and I’m sitting in a hotel room by myself watching NCIS repeats. Well, the latter isn’t all bad since I love NCIS, but still…

    To make matters worse, there was yummy food after the conference, but they only gave us 6″ plates for the yummy food. People were building pyramids of beef, meatballs, raw veggies and cheese. I was expecting a bitter disaster of someone’s food falling to the floor, so I left before I could witness it. I’m still hungry and bitter about the damn plates.

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  6. I am extremely bitter because I can’t have a damn drink. And I can’t have solid food. How the hell can I self medicate when I can’t eat or drink? I did take some actual medicine, the prescribed kind, and now I feel too lightheaded and tired to make my own blog post, another source of bitterness. Oh, AND I have been off solid food long enough now that my body has adapted and I stopped losing weight! Thank you, I feel much better now. You know what? I think I’ll copy and paste this minor diatribe and use it for my own blog post. Does the lessening of bitterness I feel mean you are absorbing it? No matter, I will manufacture more. Totally fun blog aside (that’s what mine says it is), it is what I do. Rock on.

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  7. I am more bitter than usual and that’s never good because I go around saying a bunch of bitter stuff, but that is my job. I will probably create some kind of havoc to ease the bitterness then eat a pint of Ben and Jerry.


  8. Oh, where to begin. My bitterness is spilling over today. Why don’t I start with Trump’s acceptance speech. He referred to the U.S. as a great country. Wait – wasn’t his campaign slogan, “Make America great again”? So, when, in his eyes, did we become great? When he won the electoral vote? Never mind that he lost the popular vote.

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  9. Oh…I have so much bitterness today. But today I am going to focus my bitterness on something very particular. Today I am bitter because I was born with a vagina. The damn thing started causing me troubles in puberty, in college it was a nightmare, and it hasn’t stopped vexing me since. I squeezed two kids out of it, hoping it would be expelled with them but it stubbornly hung on. And while I’ve long suspected it might be the reason for a lot of problems in my life, I didn’t realize until just yesterday what a liability the stupid thing is. It should have come with a warning label!

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  10. Tired and sad. Somehow yesterdays narrow result will be spun into a Mandate from the People. Fuck me. And I am absolutely crazy frustrated when my Xbox 360 auto-saves Skyrim every time I hit the inventory button. Internet server issues are a bridge too far. Keep being the Bitter bastard you are.


  11. I’m bitter about people who put out the American flag on a holder that is positioned the wrong way on their mailbox post, The holder, and therefore the flag, are pointed back toward their houses instead of away from the house toward the street. Like how you’re supposed to fly the flag. In front of you, not at you. Duh.

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  12. I woke up with dry lips today… Yes, I do have lip balm, but it didn’t prevent me from waking up with sandpaper feeling lips! Life sucks… Sometimes. Oh, and Gary sucks too. Thanks for taking the bitterness away Ben. You’re (almost) like a true friend… xx

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  13. #ARRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Okay, my bitter friend. You know I have no problem being bitter. Look, I didn’t like either candidate but somebody had to win. So the candidate that won is an Ooompa Loompa and he shouts a lot. A LOT. We are stuck with this choice and no matter how bitter we are, it isn’t going to change anything. Now, that being said, can I please tell all those bitter, whiny ass celebrities who didn’t get Hillary in office or who are still bitter about Bernie Sanders to SHUT THE HELL UP?????? They are making me extremely bitter and not to mentioned annoyed with all the bellyaching on social media. I feel so much better spreading the bitterness around…. 🙂

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