Then end of the World..I mean the end of the Year Bitter Giftures

As R.E.M. said, “It’s the end of the Year as we know it, and I feel bitter.” As I do my end of year bitterness reviews, I realize how little I did, and I realize I can do way better next year.  And by way better, I mean do way less than I did this year.  I’m so disappointed about how much I actually did. I know I can do less next year.  Hopefully, you will join me in not doing stuff in 2016, because this world was way too busy last year.  Stop having kids, stop being political, stop producing stuff we don’t need, stop making money, so then the little amount I make will seem so much bigger.  Here are some desprirational gifs that will make you do less in 2016.

If you keep doing things this year…'ll take a lot of the um, gut.

…you’ll take a lot of shots…to the um, gut.

You’ll also…


…get into some car accidents…

Then, you’ll…


…get knocked down…

For all the good you do…

...the gas face.

…you’ll get nothing but the gas face.

You’ll get…


…the puck knocked out of you…

You won’t get…


…treeted right.

You’ll never seem…


…to get the rubber to hit the road.

You’ll never be able…


…to make any Segway’s to another subject…

Your flights will…


…probably hit the wall.

Your goals will…


..not be vaulted.

Your boss will…


…be screaming at you at some point.

And worst of all…


...someone won’t appreciate one of your bitter puns.

Go ahead and make sure you set all kinds of goals if you want, but I guarantee you will regret all of them, because won’t achieve any of them just like you didn’t last year.  So go forth and fail bitterlings!


Bitter End of 2015 Ben

30 thoughts on “Then end of the World..I mean the end of the Year Bitter Giftures

  1. I doubt if Congress can do any less than they did last year, but if they can, I applaud them. Who wouldn’t want to get paid for doing nothing? Sounds like the perfect job for Bitter Ben (except for having to run a bitter political campaign, but that should come natural and require little effort). 🙂


    • I’ve always wanted to be a vice president, because they get paid a lot to do nothing while still maintaining the second highest office in the land. I would just have to make sure the prez was in really good health, cause I don’t want to be that.

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  2. Happy New Year Ben! I’m starting off the new year with the grand opening of my fitness club Resolutions. In two weeks, I’ll be converting it to a bar for the remainder of 2016. Hope you can stop by!


  3. these pain me. slip and fall, on the banana peel in the hall. Slam the drawer on my digit, watching the throwing of the midget. Human beings are a strange affair of hormones mixed with temper and angst, we are low on the ratings of quality of life.


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