Break stuff Friday Giftures

As you all know, this week sucked bananas(this phrase courtesy of Lil Rants over at her blog Lil Rants). Why you ask? Must you even ask? I didn’t have pizza every single day, the naps were far too sparse, and my back(along with every other part of me) was a little sick and tired of working every single day.  Just so you know, I’m not coming in to work on Monday, so a “suck it” to all those people at my work that are working.  Oh, it Memorial Day on Monday? So my senior ditch day is all for nothing? My bitter luck that the one day I decided to ditch and everyone else gets it off already. Now I want to break stuff! Like HULK SMASH stuff. I guess that gives me one more day to seethe about it. Speaking of breaks, let’s take a look at people break or get broken:

Let’s start off with…

...the only way to have breakfast.  A Ron Swanson breakfast.

…the only way to have breakfast. A Ron Swanson breakfast.

Then let’s go for a nice early morning…

...let's tak

…swim with some early morning broken bones.


Next we will go to the gym and perform…


…the wrecking ball. 




…let’s punch the clock unsuccessfully for the day.


Then let’s make a mid-morning pick me up…


…and then need to get picked up.


Then let’s see if we can win…


…a stairing contest.


Next, let’s see if we can…


…ramp up production at work a little.


The let’s see if we can have a meeting…


…with the pavement. 


Time for lunch…


…can’t get out of here fast enough. 


Finally fed…

...ready to do some heavy afternoon lifting.

…thinking we are ready to do some heavy afternoon lifting, but crash way too early.


Try to hit it hard one more time…


…but it just hits right back.  


 The finally decide to give up and have another stairing contest…

...taken to another level.

…taken to another level.


So that’s it bitter people.  Now that work is done for the day, go be bitter about all the things you wanted to do this weekend, but aren’t because you forgot to plan something and now you are going to totally waste all that time thinking of something to do instead of napping like you should have.  So what are your bitter plans for the not working period for the next for days?


Bitter Breakon Ben

28 thoughts on “Break stuff Friday Giftures

  1. Weekend plans? I worked a 14 hour shift today. So not bitter about that…
    That Gifture of the guy in the liquor store made it all better. I don’t know why that one tickled my funny bone so much but I was crying-laughing.
    Off to watch it again. Happy bitter weekend!


    • Now that is always an interesting prospect. You love the whole “we’ll pay for you to go to the fancier restaurants part” but the whole quizzing about your life part isn’t my favorite.
      Have you been on any dates lately? No, mom still happily married so don’t really do that with anyone else.
      How’s your job? Still not a world renown author or international spy yet. But still working on them.
      Are you still eating right? Yep, eating as much pizza as possible, so yes. 4 food groups.

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  2. My bitter plans include making a trip that we were NOT going to make b/c of excessive travel requirements in the next few weeks, but decided to make b/c family was flying in “especially to see us,” but we will now only see them for 1 hour on Monday. How’s that? I hope your Monday off is spent with family who actually have time for you.


    • My holiday plans usually go like this. I plan on doing nothing and sitting on the couch, then something comes up that requires moving off the couch, and I end up doing that thing instead of being lazy all day.


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