Half-Hearted Friday Giftures

DO NOT READ THIS POST! It is terribly under enthusiastic and in honor of it being Friday and the first world tragedy that happened to me this week, I’m going to go ahead and put in a minimal effort today.  For those of you who are regulars to BBB, you are used to this effort.  But if you happen to be wandering around WordPress, with absolutely nothing better to do and you happened to mistakenly click on this blog, I don’t apologize in advance.  Bitterness happens on the reg around here and half-heartedly doing things is an even more common occurrence.  You might not like it, but too bad.  Get used to disappointment because it happens in life all the time.  This blog disappointing you shouldn’t be any different.  So here are some half-hearted efforts for you.


I wish I had more Bounce….


…no I don’t.


 I wish I could tell you I’m not gonna slack today…


…but I am.


 I wish I could tell you I wasn’t going to fall down on my job…

but I'm falling down right now.

but I’m falling down right now.


You probably hope that I got ready for the day…


…can’t really promise that.


You are probably hoping I step it up today…


…but I will probably run out screaming sometime today(or at least walk out kinda bored).


You’re probably hoping I’ll fetch something for you..


..but I’ll probably just be sitting on the pier.



You probably think I’m going to be walking a lot today…

...aaaannnd you would be wrong.

…aaaannnd you would be wrong.


You are thinking I gonna be using my hands for stuff…




Maybe you think I’m gonna help out today..

...nah. I think I'll pas.

…nah. I think I’ll pass.


You’re probably dreaming that I’m gonna do some studying today…




Good luck trying to get to start the car today…


…you’re not so bright are you…



39 thoughts on “Half-Hearted Friday Giftures

  1. You know, that Bounce picture has just made me wonder whether Joy detergent is still around. Wikipedia seems to think it is, although I don’t remember seeing it in decades, which is probably why we don’t spend so much time smiling anymore.


  2. Oy, so you made up “Giftures?!” Ever since following you, I’ve been throwing it around in conversation glibly and wondering why people look at me so strange. Well, stranger than usual. Anyhow, guess what? I got so sick of sunshine (and lack of winter) I came to your state and am in Bellevue for a whole month! So when is it gonna rain?


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