In case you missed it…because you didn’t really miss much

Didn't miss much...

Didn’t miss much…

If you a regular reader of this crap, uh I mean this blog, then you certainly didn’t miss much by skipping out this week.  In fact, I didn’t really miss much either, deciding that watching paint dry and grass grow much more interesting that deciding to do a blog for the amusement of no one.  But for the unfortunate few that actually look forward to reading something from this blog at least once in a while were even more severely disappointed than usual.  In fact, I would say more disappointing than even losing in the Fight Club.  Sure, I was a target from the beginning because of my punchable face and easy target as I take up most of the room, but also because my abrasive and bitter personality.  Regardless, I probably should have at least got 40th place out 36 places, because while that one kid was severely outweighed by every one by at least a 100 pounds, I should have at least hit 37th place.  Oh well, you know how disappointing I can be.

Disappointing like the was my only original post this week and I only spent 20 minutes thinking about it, and writing it only took me about 5.  You could tell my the grammar, mistakes and almost unreadible nature of it. But just in case you want to torture yourself, here it is if you missed it.  Bitter Wastecation.

Some comments on that post:

“Oh Ben – you crack me UP! I hope you’re having a great unproductive vacation!” – Mollytopia

“Now I’m so glad that I had spend all my vacation budget for something different!” – Tutti

Then there was the Friday Wasted Giftures where I show you how well I waste my time on not only vacation, but the internet, searching for Giftures that show you how stupid people are.  Mostly they are just a representation of how stupid I am and what happens to me on an almost daily basis.  Also I didn’t even notice until just now that every post I did this week was about waste.  Which is how you can tell what is on my mind.  By the way, thanks for reminding me that I need to take the trash out.

Some comments on this post:

“That was the best time I wasted all day! And, by the way, that dog has the best party trick I’ve ever seen. I wonder how it got to be so bendy?” – Mother Hen Diaries

“Good one! There’s something about disappearing ice cream cones that makes my day. As for the sunglasses…welcome to my life. 🙂Floridabourne

“That dog makes it look so easy.” Taehreh

Some twitter

Annnnd finally,

Time to take a shower.

Time to take a shower.


and now for the big finale…

utter failure.

utter failure.


And now I get to bitter laugh at all of you for having to endure one of the dullest, most uninspired weeks on record since last week.


Bitter Mismanaged Ben





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