Bitter Rivalry of the Week: The Inside vs. The Outside

It's the Oscars weekend and you know what that means. Actually, I don't, so if you know, can you tell me? Because I have no idea. I think it has something to do with some very wealthy and famous people, dressing up like it is prom and then nominating each other for the king and … Continue reading Bitter Rivalry of the Week: The Inside vs. The Outside

Bitterly Fresh Air

  It was around 5:30 pm on Mother's Day and the kids were getting restless.  By restless, I mean they were getting on our nerves.  Somehow, the clouds and rain had decided to take the day off.  Sunshine was penetrating every window in the house and it was getting stuffy inside.  Mom needed to get … Continue reading Bitterly Fresh Air

In case you missed it…because you were outdooring

  It is pretty tempting this time of year to go outside.  Supposedly even if the stupid hamster saw his shadow, it is spring.  The weather is sunny just about everywhere except here and warming up.  The nuisances called birds and yardwork are returning and snow is melting.  Some people are tired of staying inside, … Continue reading In case you missed it…because you were outdooring

Outdoor Bitterness

When I was growing up, one of my first memories was when I was 6 years old.  My brother and I got home from an excersion of some sort(might have been a vacation trip or a trip to the grocery store.  You expect me to remember?  I was 6.)  I was dressed in my Superman pajamas and my brother was in his Batman pj's … Continue reading Outdoor Bitterness

Tent Bitterness

Welcome to Shelter 102 in The B.I.T.T.E.R. school of Bitterness, Bitterian students!  If you are here, you should have taken the pre-requisite, Shelter 101, Idiots that don't know anything about Shelter. I hope you all had a dreadfully bitter weekend .  Address any complaints to way overwhelmed TA.  If you did happen to have a good weekend, don't … Continue reading Tent Bitterness