Make a bitter meme, get featured on Ben’s Bitter Blog

For those of you not familiar with what a meme is, here you go!

For those of you not familiar with what a meme is, here you go.

Who wants to become part of history? You all have a chance to the be the first people in the history of ever to submit content to me and actually get it on a post of mine. How does it feel to be on the precipice of history? Are giddy with bitterness? Morose with paralyzing fear? Sad with hypersick tendencies? What other emotions can you mix together? Or is it all of those things?  Or are you just being impatient with confusion about what this whole thing is about? Don’t worry, I’m also confused. But I’m going to propose it anyways.

This explains me.

This explains me.

One of the things I’ve learned in this social media program is how to make your audience part of the conversation. By essentially having your audience make content for you. I love the idea, because I’m lazy. Having people do my work for me is kind of the dream. When people do that, then I get more time to do the two things I like. Sit on my couch and complain about things (thus the Ben’s Bitter Blog).

So here is how you become a part of history. Make a Meme. If you do so, and send it to me, and you may be featured in a future post, or I will give you a million dollars. One of the two. I can’t tell you which one, but I can tell you that it will be one of them, or maybe neither of them. Also I may need to post date the check.

This is how I do all my passwords.

This is how I do all my passwords.

Make it is a bitter as possible, funny as possible or as bland as possible. As I fear you guys are not near as social media savvy as me, I will do my best to explain how you do a meme.

Go to If you aren’t sure how to work websites, I have a $100 course on how to type things into a search bar.

After you learn that, will give you some options. One is a picking a picture. You can use a famous one, or you can make your own. Then you have the option to type words. I assume that as  blogger you have the ability to type sentences. If not, I also have a $100 course on how to do that.

Then you send them to me. You can leave it as a link on the blog, send me an email to, tweet at me @benadman, Facebook me at Ben’s Bitter Blog, or Snapchat me @BitterBen44, Instagram me at bensbitterblog, or any other way you communicate with other humans.

Alright get creating people. Cause I have some couches to sit on and work that needs to be done by you.


Bitter MEME Ben


49 thoughts on “Make a bitter meme, get featured on Ben’s Bitter Blog

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  2. It’s makes me bitter that these new words keep cropping up and I am supposed to know what it means, and it makes me nod my head and smile, and say, oh, those darn memes. grrr.


  3. Seriously? You’re doing this now? All of my creativity is being funneled into how to stretch my Xmas budget, what the hell is “cake bingo” and how can I bake something that in and of itself isn’t meme-worthy, and how I can quit my job to be a full-time PTO mom?


  4. hmm , So now you are out there to create an army of bitter-ben-blog-follower-making-bitter-meme-to-flood-internet!
    I wanna be Captain in that army and a million dollar paycheck!


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