Fall Bitter Friday Giftures


Early next week, somehow we will officially start fall, which means that all fires will stop, all hurricanes will cease, and all disease will go away and pumpkin spice everything will come back. That is so crazy since it seems like all these weird things have been happening all year.

It’s weird how it will all just come to an end starting next week. What else will happen? Well, stores will start filling up with Halloween decorations, and then shortly after that, Christmas decorations. And if that isn’t crazy enough for you, then the NBA will start right around the time that Halloween ends, if not right before.

What a whirlwind the fall seasons starts amiright? I think there might be an election for some local stuff, but nothing big. The hardest part about fall? Well, the actual falling part. You know, when the ground starts getting a little slick, and then people start falling and breaking their legs? That is the real stuff.

On to the Bitter Friday Giftures shall we?

Some might say…

falling GIF

…it isn’t quite fall.

Others would say…


Falling Down Lol GIF by America's Funniest Home Videos

…it’s still spring.

Summer saying…

frozen beach day GIF

…it’s still summer.

Summer saying…

Melting Heat Wave GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals

…it’s still too hot to be fall.

Some are saying how can we enjoy the spice…

Pumpkin Spice Coffee GIF by Dunkin’

…when the weather isn’t very nice.

Some would say…

the office pumpkin GIF

…how can we enjoy pumpkins when the weather is still too hot?

We would say…

pumpkin GIF

…where is our rain?

Why can’t they just…

fall autumn GIF

…leaf us alone?

Why can’t we just…

Fail Falling Down GIF by America's Funniest Home Videos

…pick flowers?

Why can’t we just…

Deadliest Catch Rain GIF by Discovery Europe

…wear warm coats?

And instead of…

flame thrower fire GIF

…creating fires…

Just cozy up…

howls moving castle fireplace GIF

…in front of them?

The changing of the seasons always seem to happen way before or way after the calendar tells they are supposed to. It seems like Summer ends too soon (school abruptly ends it), Fall is way too short (winter obliterates it), Winter lasts too long (cold weather hangs on way too long) and spring is way too short (because winter takes its time ending). Why can’t the seasons just pay attention to the calendar like we humans do. We go to work at 8 like the clock tells us too. We go to school when the calendar tells us to. It just seems like the weather just does what it wants. Maybe we should be more like the weather and just do what we want to.


Bitter Fall Season Beginning Ben


9 thoughts on “Fall Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. This 2020 game pack has been filled with bugs – fire tornados, murder hornets, uprisings, and even a plague. Crazy! The developers must have released it still in beta. I won’t even be surprised if we skip right over autumn and get monster blizzards next week. Yes, even here in California. 😝


      • Oh, you know, we allowed the federal government to own most of our forests, which are all burning down now. Apparently, the feds aren’t raking the weeds, or something. Then again, it might just be due to climate change. Who knows? This scientificky stuff is so hard to prove. 🤷🏾‍♀️


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