50 Reasons to Be Bitter

Since I'm 50 years bitter today, I'm supposed to be having my mid-life crisis, but since we all know that I'm not making it to 100, that means I'm well past my mid-life crisis and should have had it a while ago. But since nobody really tells you when this life is over, it's not … Continue reading 50 Reasons to Be Bitter

49 Things that Make Me Bitter

I'm one of the few billion people in the history of the world to have lived in 49 different years, 6 different decades, 2 different centuries, and 2 different millenia. If you were really bad at math and not particularly good at details you would think I was a thousand years old. And if you … Continue reading 49 Things that Make Me Bitter

48 Things I’m Bitter About

Mirrors are such liars. I wake up every morning knowing that I am handsome and funny like Steve Carell, but as soon as I look in the mirror, I see this strange, weird, bitter older looking guy. So they are pretty useless and bad liars. It's this time of year, that I finally realize that … Continue reading 48 Things I’m Bitter About

47 Reasons to be Bitter

  Every year since I was 40, and started this blog, I've been celebrating my birthday by giving you all reasons to be bitter. As a lifelong bitteratarian, I've always had many reasons, but 2020 has given us a plethora of new reasons. We all know that Corona and earthquakes and floods have obviously inundated … Continue reading 47 Reasons to be Bitter

46 Reasons To Be Bitter

As is tradition on this Bitter Blog O' Mine, I celebrate the birth of bitterness so many years ago by listing on this blog 46 reasons to be bitter, one for every year of my bitter life. It's a fairly easy thing because let's be honest, everything in the world makes me bitter. And since … Continue reading 46 Reasons To Be Bitter

45 Things that make me bitter

  Today is the day that will go down in infamy. Oh wait, that is another speech. Besides, each day of my life goes down in infamy, but today is the day that I go from 44 to 45. So, unluckily for all of you, you get my annual list of things that make me … Continue reading 45 Things that make me bitter

Birthday Bitterness Friday Giftures

  Once again another birthday came and went and I got nothing. I don't know what everyone's problem is, but I'm getting a little sick of my son having a birthday and no one getting me any presents. It's kind of selfish that everyone pays attention to him and not me all day. I mean … Continue reading Birthday Bitterness Friday Giftures

42 things I’m Bitter About

  Yesterday as I was leaving work, I was absentmindedly strolling to my car, unaware that I was parked right by my co-worker A.  I totally forgot why this was a bad thing, until as I went to open the car door, a little too recklessly, I remembered that she has a dog that she … Continue reading 42 things I’m Bitter About

41 Things I’m Bitter About

It is again that time of year when I get to celebrate all the people asking me stupid questions like, "What are you going to do today?" and "What kind of cake do you want?" and "What presents did you get?" and "How can I annoy you the most today on the day that you … Continue reading 41 Things I’m Bitter About

Kid’s Birthday Party: A bitter review

Since I don't like to think or do much on the weekends(or any other day for that matter), I have decided to start a new feature on the weekends (that is Saturday or Sunday for people that don't know) dedicated to reviewing things that make me bitter.  It could be a movie I slept through, … Continue reading Kid’s Birthday Party: A bitter review