Eye Contact Bitter Friday Giftures

  I've always had trouble with eye contact. I don't know what it is about eye contact, but I think somehow it is related to how confident you are, or something like that.  Other times you just don't know the appropriate amount of time you are allowed or supposed to look at someone. It seems … Continue reading Eye Contact Bitter Friday Giftures

Wildfire Bitter Friday Giftures

  You know that expression spreading like wildfire? I guess it is talking about how last summer there were a lot of fires and they spread really fast, because people would light a fire and then seconds later a whole forest would burn down. I can't think of anything that has happened this year that … Continue reading Wildfire Bitter Friday Giftures

Supplemental Bitter Saturday Giftures

  I recently got a new job (so weird for me I know) and it is helping with social media for a supplement company (you know, for weight lifters). It feels so different for me because I've never been a weight lifter. In fact, the last time I did it was in junior high, and … Continue reading Supplemental Bitter Saturday Giftures

Donation Station Bitter Friday Giftures

  As many stores closed in mid-March for the epidemic and we were forced to stay home, many crazy things started happening. One of the more unexpected things that happened was the thrift store closing and people doing some serious spring cleaning while they were at home. The combination of stuff that needed to be … Continue reading Donation Station Bitter Friday Giftures

The Matrix Bitter Friday Giftures

  It seems to me that the Matrix hasn't been working very well lately.  There must be some sort of glitch that is causing some really unbelievable things. The whole fabric of society seems to be crumbling and the machines are getting worse at covering up that they are responsible. Have you noticed it like … Continue reading The Matrix Bitter Friday Giftures

Autofill Bitter Friday Giftures

  My computer and phone have this feature where you can fill out your name, address, and phone number and anytime a form pops up on the internet, it will offer to fill out those things for you. Crazily enough, forms are on the internet all the time. Whether it is a job application, a … Continue reading Autofill Bitter Friday Giftures

Mosquitos Bitter Friday Giftures

  Here at Bitter Headquarters, we've always prided ourselves on being bitter about things that most people aren't talking about. Of course, lately, our giftures have been about the stupid virus and all its after-effects. Well, it is time to get back to the little things that bug us. Puns absolutely intended. As you saw … Continue reading Mosquitos Bitter Friday Giftures

School’s Out Forever Bitter Friday Giftures

  I remember when I was a kid when we got to May, we were all excited about the prospect of the end of May because it meant that we no longer had to go to school. There was that song that said, "Schooool's out for the summer! School's out forever!" But we had to … Continue reading School’s Out Forever Bitter Friday Giftures

Bill Keeps Asking for All this Money Bitter Friday Giftures

  I don't know about you, but month after month, I keep having to pay money just to live. Like in order to live in this house, I gotta give somebody money. In order to get heat, or air, I gotta pay some money. In order to write these Bitter Friday Giftures, I have to … Continue reading Bill Keeps Asking for All this Money Bitter Friday Giftures

Back Pain Ben Bitter Friday Giftures

  I have a lot of pain, in a lot of places, all over. I guess that is the fun part of aging. Also for a lifetime of lifting things the wrong way, sleeping on horrible beds and going camping against my will when I was a kid. If only my family stayed in hotels … Continue reading Back Pain Ben Bitter Friday Giftures

20/20 Vision Bitter Friday Giftures

  When I was in my early 30's, I was still wearing glasses, as I had been since I was 17. I was growing weary of the feeling of the glasses always pinching my eyebrows and leaving me feeling tired at the end of the day. So I tried the contact lenses. Turns out I'm … Continue reading 20/20 Vision Bitter Friday Giftures

Isolation Bitter Friday Giftures

  For so long, I've tried to warn the world to stay away from me. As an introvert, it's always been my goal to keep people away, get my alone time, and just let me create. You can check back to 8 years ago when I first started this blog and see those are the … Continue reading Isolation Bitter Friday Giftures

Air Is Getting Thin Bitter Friday Giftures

  For some reason, the anniversary of the day of your birth is always a tricky one.  All you want to do is get some nice things, maybe have a cake and spend some lovely time with your family and avoid work. What it turns out to be usually is a never-ending string of people … Continue reading Air Is Getting Thin Bitter Friday Giftures

47 Reasons to be Bitter

  Every year since I was 40, and started this blog, I've been celebrating my birthday by giving you all reasons to be bitter. As a lifelong bitteratarian, I've always had many reasons, but 2020 has given us a plethora of new reasons. We all know that Corona and earthquakes and floods have obviously inundated … Continue reading 47 Reasons to be Bitter

Home Schooling Bitter Friday Giftures

  Most of you probably figured out on my Wednesday post that the going on a game show was a stupid April Fool's Day joke. I blame the stupid virus thing for ruining not only the lives of millions of people around the world, the loss of millions of jobs, and wrecking economies, but also … Continue reading Home Schooling Bitter Friday Giftures

Isolating Long Before It Was Cool Bitter Friday Giftures

  As you may not be aware of, there is this outbreak of disease going on, which means that we have to stay home as much as we can for a while. I'm not sure how all these extroverts are going to handle this, but us introverts are doing just fine. If it wasn't for … Continue reading Isolating Long Before It Was Cool Bitter Friday Giftures

Earth Shattering Bitter Friday Giftures

  My time has finally come. I've been trying to spread the bitterness for over 8 years now, and I think it is finally starting to sink in for people. Just like everyone else in the world, there is that pandemic thing going on here, but just to make sure we had more to be … Continue reading Earth Shattering Bitter Friday Giftures

Social Distancing Bitter Friday Giftures

  If you didn't know, today is Friday the 13th, the moon is full and some sort of pandemic is going on here. I can't find toilet paper or hand sanitizer (ever heard of soap?) and all the people are going crazy out there. The NBA is cancelled, E3 is cancelled (what else is there … Continue reading Social Distancing Bitter Friday Giftures

So Dramatic Bitter Friday Giftures

  My wife and I talk about the debate between nature vs. nurture a lot. Probably because we have one child that is biological and one who is adopted. Why do some personality things seem to pass down because of what our kids are around and what comes from their parent's direct DNA? Our kids … Continue reading So Dramatic Bitter Friday Giftures