Separation of Person and Ality

I wouldn’t say I’m not a fan of Stranger Things, I would just say that I haven’t watched it yet. From what I’ve been told people love it because there is just a lack of great romantic comedies out there, so Stranger Things just fills that void. Normally I would say that Hallmark has the market cornered on romantic comedies, but their movies are neither romantic nor comedic.

I can see how much of a romantic comedy this is.

Also, I think that people like Stranger Things because of the 60’s nostalgia. People loved the 60’s I guess, and for them that is great. I’m not really into the 60’s or nostalgia, so maybe that’s why I’m not magnetically compelled like other people to see it. Or maybe it’s because I have Netflix, but I’m still waiting for my 3 DVD’s I requested back in 2014 that are waiting in my cue. Maybe when I get those three, my next DVD rental will be Strangers Things: Season 1, Part 1.

Some people are really big fans of the 60’s nostalgia.

I’ve heard Netflix might start a streaming service soon, which would be cool, I guess. Now I just need to figure out why they would want people to go out in the wilderness to watch DVD’s, and for that matter, how that would even work? Are there plugs out near mountainous streams? Do you have to bring your own DVD player, or do they have them set up for you? Do they provide blanket for you when the streams are much colder? What if you fall in the stream? Do they have liability insurance for something like that? Are bears allowed to sign up for the service? I assume bear sales would go down during the winter, because of hibernation. Would they be able to pause for the winter months? So many questions, but I’m sure they will figure them out. They don’t want to compete with that behemoth of a company Blockbuster if they aren’t ready to answer all those questions.

Netflix is going to try a new streaming service. We’ll see how it works.

I hope they start adapting the new HD DVD’s technology too. They don’t want to get caught being Blu-ray that will get phased out pretty quickly. They need to keep up with the latest technology.

I think Netflix has two really distinct and separate businesses here and I think they need to keep them divided, so they can conquer both. Kind of like Twix bars. You know how they have two separate and distinct factories doing the right and the left Twix’s. One side bathes the chocolate and the other side cloaks it. Two separate business plans. Two different kinds of workers, strategies, marketing plans, and even philosophies.

I’m much the same. I like to keep a person separate from their ality’s. Like person/ality’s. Know what I’m saying.

Like for instance, I have a sister. She married a guy for a while and then she separated from the guy. I have my relationship with her, and I have my relationship with him. I still talk to both of them. I have my thoughts about both of them. One of them is related to me by blood and one by marriage. Doesn’t matter. I treat them both in a certain way and keep the conversations about the person, not the other one. I’m not an international peacekeeper. I’m not a messenger, or a conduit. I’m just a person that talks to two separate people.

One is Netflix the outdoor video viewing by rushing bodies of water, and one is the 3 DVD’s waiting in the cue to watch them indoors. They both have things to say, they are both people and I treat them exactly like I treat the Right Twix and the left Twix. Like they are two separate companies.

I store people in boxes.

One likes the South Pole’s undiscovered oil and gas.

I also have two kids. They are complete opposites. I’ve talked about them before and compared them to the North Pole and the South Pole. They live on two complete opposite ends of the earth, both cold as an ice cube in an ice cave. One of them likes Santa and the whimsy of the North Pole, and other one likes undiscovered oil and gas and the Easter Bunny who lives in the South Pole. They even live on two complete opposite ends of the upstairs of our house. If one of them passes into the other’s hemisphere, World War Z happens and there is an impending apocalypse.

This is why I don’t treat them like family. I treat them like two separate beings that operate on two separate planes of existence. I treat each exactly differently. There is no discussion of one by the other. I’m not the UN.

The other likes the whimsy of Santa on the North Pole.

This separation of person and ality holds true for work associates (some call their work associates co-workers or even worse, friends). There is no such thing to me as friends that are co-workers. There are no such things as co-workers that are friends. I will answer questions or give answers to humans that I work with that relate to things I’m doing at work. I will take their money if they want to take me to lunch. I will even travel (if I must), but I’m not going to have fun with them. And if you were a friend before and you come start working with me, I am not your friend at work. We are just co-workers. If you step outside and are off the clock, we can be friends again. But not until that moment. The opposite is true if you started as a co-worker. If I accidently see you in the wild, like at a streaming event, or a grocery store, you will just be another stranger in the crowd, and I will not acknowledge you. I will pretend I didn’t see you or quickly hide.

My mind would explode if I didn’t separate your person from you ality. So don’t try to cross over, or you will see what it looks like when a robot’s circuits get wet, and it shorts out. I will just walk around saying, “DOES NOT COMPUTE, DOES NOT COMPUTE”, until you go away and leave me alone. Then my brain will reboot and go back to normal.

That goes for all of my loyal followers. If I see you in the wild, I won’t be able to process that you are the world’s biggest fans of me. Just put the money in my Venmo and walk away slowly.


Bitter Person Ality Ben


30 thoughts on “Separation of Person and Ality

  1. I don’t have to pretend not to see any coworkers in the wild, because I’ve barely ever seen any of them in real life and probably wouldn’t recognize them unless they look exactly like their meeting avatars. Also, in the wild, I’m usually too busy plotting stories in my head while walking or shopping to look too closely at people.


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  3. I am beTwixt and between Left and Right Twix. Didn’t know what to make of it when the marketing started. To this day, I’m not really sure what they were going for. They both taste the same to me. I get the whole not-being-a-peacekeeper scenario. Leave me out of the drama. Two different people and relationships.


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