World’s Longest Job Interview Bitter Friday Giftures


I don’t get political on this blog. If you are looking for that, you’ve got thousands of other places to go for that. But, since this is a bitter blog talking about bitter things, it’s pretty easy to be bitter about politics. What I would like to talk about is something that came up this week in general.

Let’s call it a job interview, but not for mine for once. As we all know, I hate job interviews with a passion, because I have had so many in the past four years. If I had my druthers, I would be miserable at a job for 30-40 years than interview for jobs. I’ve had some pretty painful ones, knowing the moment I got there that I wouldn’t be getting the job. My brother-in-law used to work for Microsoft and he interviewed for an entire day and then subsequent follow-ups to get his job there. But the one that I saw play out on TV this last week must have been the world’s longest.

It is insane that you have to interview in front of some lawmakers and have it be on TV just so you can be some judgy person seems insane to me. Remind me never to apply to work on the Supreme Court please. The interview process seems to be a little too long.  Speaking of going on too long, let’s just get to the Bitter Friday Giftures, where I get to judge people without having to interview for the position. Today, I will be putting something on trial.

That something…

grace helbig judging you GIF by This Might Get

…may not think that it should be judged.

But I think it has been festering…

total physical response fester GIF by

…for way too long.


no way thumbs down GIF

…likes it.

It has…

haircut GIF


The plot…

tv land hair GIF by #Impastor

…has been way too thick.

The characters…

animation sword GIF

…have been way too weak.

The story…

Confused Mess GIF by Samm Henshaw

…a complete mess.

Behind the scenes…

The Simpsons Dancing GIF

…way too much fighting.

Way too many…

Sassy Drama Queen GIF

…drama queens.


drowning drama queen GIF

…drama kings.

But we’ve all…

enough rebel wilson GIF

…had enough.

So you’ve been judged guilty as charged 2020…

Trash Reaction GIF by Robert E Blackmon

…and been banished to the phantom zone.

Are there any objections? Too bad, because I am only judge on the Bitter Supreme Court and I have the final say. So just deal with it. You are the weakest link, 2020. Goodbye and good riddance.


Bitter Judge Ben Presiding


6 thoughts on “World’s Longest Job Interview Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. Why?
    Because the Senators wanted to pontificate about their politics, then ask her questions she should not answer and get all huffy when she didn’t. At some of the “questions” I caught my self watching Judge Barrett’s face and wondering if she was as confused as I was. I could only watch the proceedings about an hour at a time – then I had to go into the garage and scream for a while.

    I was flabbergasted about how old and (in my humble opinion) arrogant, the committee members were. I feared that most of the US Senate were like those people and the country was in deeper doo-doo than I originally thought.

    I don’t know how many martinis, or pillows to scream into she needed when she got home, but her composure, courteousness and strong resolve got my vote. Anyone who got through days of that insane inquisition and did not completely lose their mind, has got to be made of way stronger stuff than I am. I could not even bear to watch it all from the comfort of my living room without getting bitter and more than a bit offended.

    Thanks Bitter Ben for bringing it up, and thanks for listening to me whine about it.

    Jodi Lea ❤


    • You are so right about the whole old Senator thing. I think that was what really stood out to me too and made me think that we need to start getting some term limits on those octaganarians before they start getting Alzheimers. It’s ridiculous that 70+ year olds are running for President, and running most of conference. I hate to say it, but perhaps we need a cap on age running for these important positions?

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  2. Calling that Supreme Court hearing a job interview is like calling for a Biden–Trump debate after one of them has won the election. Except for those who enjoy farce, why go through the pretense when it’s a done deal?


  3. Interviews make me bitter. This is one of the reasons I like Textbroker. Client posts a job, I review the requirements, and I decide if I’m interested. Much better than the other way around.


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