The Car Conundrum Bitter Friday Giftures

I don’t know if it is on purpose that it happens to us this way, but every time we’ve got a new automobile into our family, it’s because of the use of force. What I mean is this. The car we were previously using was going to pot and we had to get a new one soon, or we would be without a car. I had get my original Neon because my previous car was gushing with green fluids on my trip up north on Christmas day, while in my pajamas.

I had to get my Dodge Caliber because my Neon was gushing enough oil per day to start an oil derrick. My wife’s cars have had the same trajectory. She had to get her Honda Odyssey because her truck died on a long road trip from Utah to Washington, while hauling most of our worldly possessions. She had to get her current Dodge Journey, because her Honda Odyssey’s transmission dropped and we couldn’t even shift gears.

Now we are facing the same car crisis with her Journey, because some really expensive stuff is happening to her car and we will have to repair and replace that one soon. Before all this happened we were starting talk about replacing my Dodge Caliber, which we’ve had for 12 years (and it was the one reliable car we’ve that didn’t go down in flames before we had to replace it).

So because my wife’s car has been who knows where for the last few weeks, we decided to replace my Caliber with a Fiat, so she can use the Dodge Caliber, while her Dodge Journey is in purgatory. On top of that, my daughter wants to start driving soon, thus the car conundrum.

Who cares about all of that, though, when really we just need some Bitter Friday Giftures…

Sometimes you just need a car like this…

cars GIF by Digg
…so you don’t have to worry about getting anywhere on time.

Replacing tires would be so much better…

cars win GIF by Cheezburger
…if it were as easy to do as this.

I’ve experienced way too much…

smoke cars GIF by Discovery Europe
…of this.

And not enough…

car burning GIF
…of this.

This is my girl getting ready to drive…

Happy New Car GIF by Honda
…except much more of an anxious look on her face.

This is just…

Car Crash Ole At The Wheel GIF by memecandy
…one of my all-time favorite gifs.

And this is what I imagine…

crash GIF
…what it will be like when my son starts driving.

This is what I imagine my son…

car crash cars GIF
…will look like the moment after that crash above happens.

This is what I get…

car crash cars GIF by ADAC TOTAL 24h Nürburgring
…a little tired of.

Is it too much to ask…

wii u nintendo GIF
…for my son to just stick with Mario Kart?

Because this is how…

grand theft auto gta GIF
…he drives in video games.

When do the self-driving cars come out…

mercedes GIF
…so we don’t have to worry about any of this anymore?

Here’s to hoping that we don’t have to replace another car, or get in an accident with one of our new ones, because this last month is about all I can take with the new cars. I’m ready to move on to Back to the Future where cars can time travel and fly.


Bitter Car Conundrum Ben


12 thoughts on “The Car Conundrum Bitter Friday Giftures

    • Oh really! Leasing definitely has its upsides. We are the kind of people that try to buy the cars as quick as possible so we own them, because we don’t like paying monthly, but leasing does work if you don’t want to have to worry about repairs and having a newer car all the time. Interesting.


      • Yea, personal preference. I’d rather pay steady monthly amounts than be subject to surprise large payments for emergency repairs, especially for something that depreciates in value no matter how much you put into it. But that’s just me. I don’t like surprises. I don’t even like surprise parties.


  1. We had a melt-down eight years ago when every car in the family seemed to be disfunctioning at the same time, and all the problems were expensive. (I might mention this in tomorrow’s post.) Yes, having the next generation take the wheel can be fearsome and worrisome–although it has its advantages, since you no longer have to take them places. J.


    • You are so right. It seems like the problems come around the same time. I have to be thankful that for most of the last 10 years, we haven’t had problems with them, so they were just due to happen at some point.
      As far as the kid thing, yes, it will certainly be nice to have them drive themselves places instead of having to drive them.


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