Air Conditioning Bitter Friday Giftures


About a week ago, just like summer clockwork, our air conditioning pooped out during the biggest heatwaves of the summer. It’s all about timing right? In at least 4 instances in my life, the air conditioning has done this and that is just counting times I can remember.

It just seems to me that it would be nice for once that our air conditioning went out during the winter. You know, so when it wasn’t working, we could suffer with warmth when we actually needed it. But you know, as a bitter person, things never happen with good timing.

Also, do you think that sometimes during the summer you just go from one air conditioned room to another? As one who is not only lazy, but also a big fan of the Great Indoors, I just move from one air conditioned room at work, to my air conditioned house at home. Luckily, my car doesn’t have air conditioning, so I have those 10 minutes from work and back to suffer unimaginable heat strokes.

On to the other unimaginable pain of our Bitter Friday Giftures…

Hey Nic…

wind might boosh GIF

…you need to go INSIDE to get to air conditioning.

The air conditioning inside our work…

windy saturday night live GIF by HULU

…well the keep it a tad bit low.


windy fall GIF

…it is hard to concentrate on what you are trying to do.


buster keaton storm GIF

…new people will just fly in from nowhere.

You know, unwanted guests…

season 1 episode 3 GIF by NBC

…that are just visiting to partake of your air conditioning.

Taking away your precious time…

throwing tommy wiseau GIF

…with your one true love, TV.


spongebob squarepants eating GIF

…all your food.

Messing up…

cleaning up the good place GIF by NBC

…your house.

Keeping you up…

tell wake up GIF

…at all hours of the night.

Spending all…

free money GIF

…your money.

Taking up all your…

Season 1 Episode 6 GIF by The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

…your vacation days.

And making you ALMOST…

Back To Work GIF by memecandy

…want to go back to work.

The air conditioning is a two-edged sword my friends. When it is hot outside, you just want to run inside and partake of the cool refreshing air and stop sweating for a minute. But then you step back inside and all you want to do is get out of the freezing cold in your house or cover up in a blanket. Kind of makes you mad that humans are so fragile that we can barely survive a few degree temperature change before we are either hot or cold. Why can’t we be like snakes and survive with really low body temperatures? Oh yeah, because snakes are gross and can kill you with their rattles or something.



Bitter Air conditioned Ben

12 thoughts on “Air Conditioning Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. My air conditioner didn’t work the first time I turned it on this season. This is after the service maintenance check was completed, which I purposely schedule early in the season to avoid this issue. A technician came and fixed the problem, which apparently could have been easily avoided if the maintenance service technician had bothered to test the system after he checked all the moving parts. ARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH

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