Eye Contact Bitter Friday Giftures


I’ve always had trouble with eye contact. I don’t know what it is about eye contact, but I think somehow it is related to how confident you are, or something like that.  Other times you just don’t know the appropriate amount of time you are allowed or supposed to look at someone. It seems like there is some sort of thin line between being confident and overstare or what some people might call “creepy” or “stalking”. It just seems like there should be some sort of spoken standard on what is allowed and what isn’t so we know.

The unspoken rules have gone on long enough. I propose a national standard that should tell us how long and if we are overstaring or understaring, we should be given some sort of inner alarm that tells us to look away or look toward someone. MMM…never mind.  That seems like more control over me than I like devices to have over me.

I think I will just stick to staring at people’s heads for comedic effect.

Enough of this nonsense, let’s just do some Bitter Friday Giftures shall we?

On a scale of 1-10…

Mr Iglesias What GIF by Netflix Is a Joke

…is this guy staring?

Just try to look away…

Italian Italy Sticker by Pasta Abz

…from this enchanting swinging pasta.


Is it…

Killing Eve Games GIF by BBC America

…a staring contest? Cause it looks like you are winning that one.

I just can’t look away…

nation fail GIF by Cheezburger

…from this tender moment.

This moment…

water fail GIF by Cheezburger

…seemed a little fishy.

This guy seemed a little…

chair fail GIF by Cheezburger

…too chairy for me.

That’ll teach these guys…

catch fail GIF by Cheezburger

…to not get too close to the action.

And this guy…

catch fail GIF by Cheezburger

…wasn’t pay near enough attention.

This acting was made all the more real…

basketball GIF by Cheezburger

…by what really happened to Chris Bosh.

How is this person…

jumps win GIF by Cheezburger

…not on the Olympic team…or a Jackie Chan movie?

Perhaps there is a glitch…

loop door GIF by Cheezburger

…in the Matrix.

I’m just glad that he won’t have to…

GIF by Cheezburger

…start from scratch now.

Well, that’s all I got for this week. I hope everyone has the bitterest of Independence Day’s (if you are in the states) or whatever holiday you are celebrating where you live. I’m sure it will be just dandy as I’m sure the virus is spreading cheer wherever you are.


Bitter Eye Contact Ben

2 thoughts on “Eye Contact Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. We used to learn about eye contact as children without any overt teaching–just seeing what was normal for everyone else. Too much eye contact = creepy staring; too little eye contact = suspicious shifty eyes. But now that we spend so much time staring at screens, our sense of normal is so distorted that most of us need remedial classes on eye contact. Also on interacting with dolphins. J.


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