Naptime Bitter Friday Giftures


Do you know what your eye color is? I certainly don’t what MY eye color is. There may not be a description for it, because it isn’t green and it isn’t brown, but some weird combination of the two. Some people would call it hazel, but I just call it like a puke color. I guess it doesn’t really matter, because whatever color it is, it needs some rest. Not the stupid kind I get at night, but the more fun kind called naps.

Day sleeping is so much better than night sleeping. I don’t know if it is because day sleep is more rewarding because it is a rebellion against people who say you aren’t supposed to nap, or because it is more satisfying because life during the day can be boring. Either way, the nighttime seems like the time to get things done, like video games, watching TV and thinking about productive things instead of doing them.

It is the potential of getting things done that gets me jazzed. The actual boring work of doing things seems counterproductive. Let’s just move on to the freaking Bitter Friday Giftures, shall we?

If not sure why this person is pointing at Jimmy Fallon…

Democratic Debate Msnbc GIF

…but he must have forgot to empty the dishwasher.

I’m not sure why this guy…

Celebrate Dele Alli GIF by SportsManias

…is trying to play peek-a-boo..

I don’t know what this lady is so happy about…

Happy Rihanna GIF

…is she at a Rihanna concert of something?

You sleep the best…

sleep love GIF

…with those you love the most.

The best place to sleep…

Episode 2 Sleep GIF by Friends

…is during a meeting.

See why sleeping at night is so much worse…

Season 5 Nightmare GIF by Friends

…than sleeping during the day?

If cats get to sleep during they day, we should get to too…

Valentines Day Love GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals

…cause we work harder than them.

This is another reason…

night happens GIF

…why naps are so much better that night sleeping.

We definitely shouldn’t be trying to sleep…

…when there is so much overthinking to be done.

Nighttime is a time to think…

go to sleep sleeping GIF

…daytime is the time to shut down.

Why not combine two pleasant things together…

moving pictures sleeping GIF by Tech Noir

…sunburns and sleeping.

Just look at this moving picture…

satisfying moving pictures GIF

…and you will be able to fall asleep in no time.

If this blog post hasn’t helped you get sleep at work, then I don’t know what will. Maybe you should try some sleeping pills or something.


Bitter Naptime Ben

2 thoughts on “Naptime Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. From Noel Coward’s “What’s Going to Happen to the Tots” (1955)…

    The world today is neurotic.
    A fruitless battle we wage.
    Millions are spent,
    To circumvent,
    The march of middle age.

    Whether our hormones gel or not,
    Whether our cells rebel or not,
    Whether we’re blown to Hell or not,
    We’ll all be ’round the bend…

    From taking Benzedrine,
    Dexamyl, ev’ry possible sleeping pill.


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