Stock Market Bitter Friday Giftures


I’ve pretty much determined that every little piece of good news I get comes with 3 pieces of bad news. Or you can look at it like 1 step forward and 3 steps back. So yeah, there is progress, but it is like climbing in mud, so it’s slow. I’m sure that is how my 401K is too. A slow steady climb followed by major dives. I’ve heard a little bit about this little tiny virus that seems to affect everything else in a major way. It’s canceling events, it’s slowing down travel. In fact, the only thing it is helping is laziness, which I already have in spades.

It’s pretty easy to slow down your travel when you haven’t gone anywhere in 5 years. It’s pretty easy to stay indoors more when you already prefer the Great Indoors. It’s pretty easy to avoid other people when that is your main goal in life. In honor of the steep decline in the quality of life, let’s do our low-quality Bitter Friday Giftures…

Anybody else wave to people in the neighborhood…

rejected red oaks GIF

…only to get the blank stare in return?

Sometimes all you want to do is deliver a gift basket…

basketball uvm GIF by University of Vermont

…only to be told you have to get out of there.

Sometimes all you want to do is buy somebody a free dinner…

denied GIF

…but they throw your gift of kindness out the window.

Sometimes you just want to share your whip cream…

oc GIF

…and they give it back to you.

Sometimes you just want to give people a hand…

denied GIF

…and they just won’t accept it.

Sometimes all you want to do is share your germs…

sick jim carrey GIF

…and people just leave the room.

You give the phone company money one time…

Hustling Pay Day GIF

…and then suddenly they want money every single month.

You feed kids food one time…

sesame street eating GIF by PBS KIDS

…and then they start expecting it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

You share your bad breath with one person…

burp GIF

…all of a sudden no one wants to be around you.

Share your opinion with one person…

real housewives of orange county discussion GIF

…all of a sudden people just want to talk to someone else.

You share some bad dance moves…

mikey day dancing GIF by Saturday Night Live

…and all of a sudden the dance floor clears.

When you offer to be in their personal space…

i need space GIF by Abel M'Vada

…and they were talking more about outer space.

I think the takeaway here is that sharing isn’t caring. You offer to share all kinds of things and people just don’t want it. Sounds like I’m not sharing anymore.


Bitter Stock Market Ben

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