Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K Bitter Friday Giftures


If you know exactly what I am referring to in the title there, then you are either a little older and a product of the 80’s or you study the 80’s. All I know is that movie was one of the great time travel movies of all time and also a launchpad for one of the all-time acting icons of this generation.  Keanu Reeves may not be making Oscar-worthy films (though you could argue that The Matrix should have been), but he is almost universally loved not only for his acting and characters but for being one of the few Hollywood actors who is actually a decent human being.

Back to the “strange things” part of the post. This year has already been a bizarre one for me, but after the suck fest that was 2019 (perhaps I’ll save that story for another post), things have to a least be a little better this year, or I would be in a sewer scaring kids or something. I’ve lost a little weight (which I haven’t tried to do since maybe I was 19), I’ve launched my own business, (which I never thought I would do), and I’ve tried to keep a resolution (and I’ve actually kept since Jan. 1).  Strange things have definitely been afoot at the Circle K (and the bitter blog). So on the note, let’s launch into the Bitter Giftures of the Week.

Okay, so most kids in my eyes…

…um well have horns.



Alright, so it is Friday…

Happy Friday GIF

…but do we have to do it on the toilet?

One of the all-time best…

awkward dumb and dumber GIF

…yet somehow he was able to get a gig as a limo driver.

I’ve been told that many times…

Weirdo Burn GIF

…but everyone is weird in their own way.

Strange things are definitely…

phone foot GIF by AFV Babies

…afoot with this kid.

Sometimes you just lean and lose your balance…

…and then somehow gain it back at the last second.

Some people are just really good…

…at hide and seek.

Others are really good…

…at optical illusions.

While still others…

…just have really good aim.

Some people…

…have really explosive personalities.

When the situation gets hard…

…some people just crumble to pieces. 

But at the end of the day…

…people just get tired.

Yes, strange things are definitely afoot at the Circle K. But more importantly, things are definitely strange around here. However dudes, while it seems strange around here this week, it’s going to be Valentine’s Day and that will be not so much strange, but more fearful. If we don’t step it up in a very strong way, things could be really icy for 6 weeks. Kind of like the Groundhog didn’t predict.


Bitter Strange Things Ben


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