Baby Yoda Bitter Friday Giftures


I may be the only one in the world who doesn’t have Disney+.  I’m sure you all find that really hard to believe. What kind of bitter person couldn’t love the Disney+ channel? And then you remember that I’m the most bitter. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t heard about the most buzzed new character on all of Disney right now. That right. Master Yoda as a baby. It was a genius move to put on the Madolorian because everyone just wants to see him. And what baby hungry girl (or boy) doesn’t think that an adorable Baby Yoda isn’t the most adorable thing.

It also makes you think that even really old people like my dad or Mackauly Culkin or Robert Redford were actually a baby at one time. I’m sure many people think about that kind of thing. On the other hand, the only reason I’m even talking about Baby Yoda is for the pure hopping on a trend right as the Star Wars movie is out so I can get more mentions and views or something.  I’m sure it will backfire in some way, but could it be any worse. Even bad press is press, right? While you are pondering all those deep questions, go ahead and view these Bitter Friday Giftures and leave a comment or whatever:

Just to make sure all the trends are covered today…

…a reminder that it is ugly sweater day.

Sometimes you just need a little pick me up..

…when you are learning how to use the Force. 

The holidays aren’t without their share…

…of disasters though.

Speaking of babies…

...not all of them are as classically trained as Baby Yoda. 

Although some…

…have more potential than others. 

Besides not being very smart…

…another problem with babies is that they eventually grow up. 

The hope is that they will grow up and be bitter…

…but most kids end up disappointingly being somewhat hopeful. 

So basically…

…it’s every day. 

Meetings are so stupid…

...even Yoda’s people don’t like them. 

Santa desperately trying to find someone…

…to deliver a gift to this year(spoiler warning: it’s not me). 

This is the first thing…

…that I completely agree with. 

Sounds like every opportunity…

…that I’ve ever had. 

I know you are probably wondering what all of this has to do with Baby Yoda. I am too honestly, and the answer is nothing. I just wanted to get his name out there so people would click on this post. In fact, I came up with a name for this and it is called Click Bait. It probably won’t catch on though.


Bitter Baby Yoda Ben


8 thoughts on “Baby Yoda Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. Good sir, mayhap you might to double check that the images are where you believe them to be, and the pointers to them are indeed correct? I have tried a couple browsers, and turned off various filters just to be sure, and no images appear. Gremlins, perhaps? And not the AMC type.


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