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I’ve got a lot of dreams in my life. Becoming a YouTube star. Becoming a professional video gamer. Winning the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes $5000 a week for life winner. Getting the most comfortable couch ever and laying in it for extended periods of time. Getting a pizza oven in my house. Learning how to make pizza simply, easily and effectively from the couch.

As we all know, not all dreams are attainable. We have to deal with all the punches life gives us. Some of us just tackle life head-on, while others of just do everything we can to procrastinate, sidestep, duck under and jump over the obstacles that confront us. I’m not telling you which one I am, but you are allowed to guess.

When I was a high school student, I had two ambitions in life. One, to work for Nintendo making video games. I never ended up working for them, but I did apply for a few jobs there. I guess Nintendo wasn’t interested in making my dreams come true. Second, I wanted to become a dream interpreter, because dreams have always fascinated me.

Also dreams.

They fascinated me to the point where I’ve even though that maybe dreams are the reality and what we think of everyday life is the dream. When I looked into dream interpretation, it was either a psychologist or one of those 1-900 numbers you would call to get a free reading. So I never applied for those positions.

The other career I pursued was being an advertising copywriter. As you know, I love to write fiction (basically about my made up life) on this blog. So I had this meta-dream about all these things coming together.

Sponsored dreaming.

I’m sure the reason why it hasn’t happened is because of some legal mumbo jumbo, but I’m sure some ad executive has dreamed about it.

Advertising is everywhere. It exists because companies have money they need to spend on promoting their product. And entertainment exists because of the dollars from advertising. As much as people hate it, most things and jobs wouldn’t exist if people didn’t have a way to promote it.

The advertising problem has always been how do we spend our money the most efficiently? Every time there is a new medium, advertising attaches to it. When certain types of people stopped listening to the radio, and moved to podcasts, they started advertising on there. When kids started skipping commercials on podcasts, they had to move to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other avenues.

This dream sponsored by donuts.

So why not dreams? It is probably most people’s favorite medium right? If it wasn’t, people wouldn’t go to sleep every night. You’ve got a dream? I’m sure Chevy, Target, or Nike has a way that they could integrate their product pretty seamlessly into whatever it is that you are dreaming.

I’m just kidding. Sponsored dreaming would be such a sellout. Don’t you agree, my friend Nike Air shoes?


Bitter Sponsored Dreamer Ben

The links in this post contain affiliate links, and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

Target Deal of the Day: Speaking of selling out, here is a great deal for those kids or grandkids in your life who like games. If you don’t buy it here, it will appear in your dreams. So I suggest here.


New toy joy: Fortnite, LEGO Movie 2 + new dolls & games. Valid 2/17-2/23.


20 thoughts on “Sponsored Dreams

  1. Maybe they’re already doing this, with product placement. You see the product casually planted in a movie or TV scene, and it registers subliminally. Then you go to sleep and dream about it. Then after you wake up, you forget about the dream, but have this strange desire to go buy a Chevy or Nike air shoes.


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