Today’s Story on Giphy

  This is probably some really shocking news, but when I was growing up, pizza wasn't my favorite food. Probably because my parents didn't expose me much to pizza. Also, I was always hungry, and back then, Hot Pockets didn't exist and pizza wasn't exactly an easy thing to whip up when you are dying … Continue reading Today’s Story on Giphy

The Bitter Transforming Pizza

There is something I have never understood about Halloween. It is one the biggest in this country, where I've heard the most money is spent, and somehow it isn't really a holiday? At least from what I have heard, a holiday consists of me getting the day off. And as long as I can remember, … Continue reading The Bitter Transforming Pizza

The Longest Time of the Year for Bitter Bloggers

It just heard that today is the longest day of the year. That means that people are out celebrating. I keep hearing this promotion about making this the longest day of golf, by playing 18 holes of golf in two locations. That is just crazy talk. Why would people want to spend time outside all … Continue reading The Longest Time of the Year for Bitter Bloggers


Yesterday, I was painting the eaves of my house, and it brought back memories of my youth when I was an aspiring Eagle Scout, doing my Eagle Scout project. For some crazy reason, my brother and I decided to work together on a three building painting project at our county fair. An old train station, … Continue reading Bitterecognition

The Underwhelmingly Overrated Bitter 600th Post You know those movie previews that you see during the SuperBowl that get you so charged up that you are ready to run through a wall to go to the theater and watch it right now? And then six months later when you actually see the movie, you want to take a toothbrush with … Continue reading The Underwhelmingly Overrated Bitter 600th Post

The Bitter Energy Crisis

There is an energy crisis in this country.  It doesn't have anything to do with fuel, or gas, or coal or oil.  This is a human energy crisis.  We are so tired from staying up late playing video games, watching YouTube, watching TV or heaven forbid work, that when some of us wake up at … Continue reading The Bitter Energy Crisis

Friday Pictures Bitterness

It's Friday again, which means I stop working at noon.  But I need to get a head start, so I've actually stop working already.  How else am I going to squeeze in an 8 hour nap or two?  I'm actually pretty bitter that they made me show up at work at all.  Really what I … Continue reading Friday Pictures Bitterness